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Boat Rental Xàbia / Jávea & Yacht Charter

Rent a skippered or bareboat in Xàbia / Jávea

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The Coastal Gem At The Edge Of Glory


Javea, locally known as Xabia – a coastal town known for blue waters, and beaches – is a perfect vacation spot; situated near northern Costa Blanca. The beautifully imperfect and jagged coastlines are lined with a number of isolated cloves and private sandy beaches. The coves were the hiding spots used by the pirates and smugglers centuries ago, but now is a safe harbour to the sea lovers, swimmers, snorkelers, who are beckoned by their love for the sea and its wild waters.

Javea has a height restriction policy, which means one would not find tall as the sky buildings hiding one’s view of the city. It has also been declared as near perfect when it comes to its environment by the World Health Organization.

It is all about the coast:

Let’s face it; the main reason tourists visit Javea is to dive into those blue waters and ride the waves to their heart’s content.

The signature white-washed houses along the sea give serene and tranquil vibes to its visitors. There are a number of shops and snug little cafes present to wither quench your thirst or ready with mouthwatering food to famish that hunger. While eating your food or just waiting for the order to be served, one would notice the fishermen bringing home their daily catch or people taking rounds on the rental boats around the seashore.


The bluest of the blue beaches:


  • Playa El Arenal:

The word Playa is a Spanish equivalent of the word ‘beach.’ A city whose crowning jewel is its beaches, Playa El Arenal could be its crowning glory. In fact, it has been in the top running, i.e., the winner of Blue Flag every year, because it keeps a strict eye on the cleanliness and high standards of the beach.

Despite housing a humongous amount of tourists annually, Arenal maintains its cleanliness and never gets overcrowded. Its serenity is still intact.

  • Playa de la Granadella:

Another contender of the Blue Flag is Playa de la Grandella, with the promise of same high standards and serene environment what keeps Playa de la Granadella apart from Playa El Arenal is the presence of natural coves which are practically built for snorkeling and scuba diving.

The tiny coves are perfect for young children as the water is at the perfect depth for them to swim around while being safe.

Every water sport the mind could think of:

With quite a few beaches there is always the question for the water activities and sport. A town which takes the standard of its beaches to heart will surely provide the best of the best water activities that one could think of.

The activities provided are:

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Standup paddleboarding
  • Motorboating and
  • Sailing among other things

If you're an expert swimmer, you could always take the sea on your own. However, if you are a bit apprehensive about trying the figurative waters for the first time, guides are also available to help and guide you around the town and even in the waters. Remember, to be able to take part in thee excursions; you will have to hire a boat in Javea.


Rent a boat Javea.


Javea has a variety of boat rentals for you to pick from. Just select a company and hire a boat and take rounds around the majestic and serene waters that beckon hundreds of tourists from around the world every year. The boats are ready to use 24/7, equipped with safety packages. Before setting the sail, clients get an introduction to the usage of the boat and a handful of information regarding the rules of sailing.

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