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Renter Help Center
  • How is the price of the boat determined? What is the price posted?

    The price displayed is inclusive of all taxes, SamBoat service charges included. The fuel is always extra.
    On some boats, rental options may be proposed.
    The owner sets the price of his boat freely. If you are renting over a long period, you may ask to have a special offer.
  • Am I insured during the rental?

    All owners have the obligation to be covered for their rental business.
  • Can I cancel or move my reservation?

    Except in the case of a publication of a severe weather report in the port of departure or all-hazards to navigation, cancellation penalties are applied :
    If cancelled more than 2 weeks before the rental, you pay 50% of the rental. If cancellation is less than 2 weeks before the rental, you pay 100% of the amount of the rental. It is possible to change the dates of the rental, free of charge, if the owner of the vessel gives their approval for a new date.

    You must notify SamBoat of any cancellation or change.
  • How can I ensure the proper operating condition of the boat?

    Each owner agrees to provide a boat well equipped and in compliance with the legislation in place, it must therefore be outfitted according to its class of navigation and regularly serviced.
    Some boats have been certified by our local representatives. If this is the case, you will find this statement in the ad. After each rental, the boats and owners are evaluated both on the condition of the boat then on the behavior of the owner. reserves the right to remove boat listings if they do not correspond to their description.
    In addition, the owners have a commitment to the insurance which will not cover them if the boat has not been maintained.
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Owner Help Center
  • Who sets the rental price?

    You are free to choose the price of your boat for the day or the week depending of the different seasons (we recommend a price 40% less expensive than the market price). To advise you on the rental rate, a simulator is available here. Please note that the price shown on the website is not the same as the one that you will fill during the creation of the ad. Example : you put a price on the day of 200€, the total price inclusive of VAT displayed on the website will be 224€, including the SamBoat commission.
  • Do I have to be already insured?

    Yes, you must be insured for your rental business. If you're not already covered for this activity, you can subscribe to the optional insurance MAIF proposed by SamBoat. This insurance, which is extra, can cover your boat in peril during the term of the lease and costs 20 €/day per rental and will be deducted from your rental income.
  • When am I paid? and How?

    The payment is sent 24 HOURS after the beginning of the lease, leaving the renter the opportunity to make a claim on the site if your boat does not fit your initial description. You will receive the payment in form of a bank transfer in the amount of the rental. To receive this transfer, it is imperative to re-enter your bank identity statement (RIB) in the "My account" and then " Bank Coordinates ".
  • Should I be present during the delivery of the keys?

    It is preferable that you are present to explain the operation, the settings and the characteristics of the vessel. In addition, you can take advantage of your knowledge of the area and suggest interesting spots to navigate

    If you are not nearby, you can use our concierge service to rent your boat without moving, for this, click here.
    Note: We highly recommend (if you have the opportunity) to meet with the renter earlier than the scheduled time and help them take control of the boat.
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