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Owner Help Center


  • 1 - Is posting an ad free?

    Yes, the ad is completely free and without commitment. At any time, you can edit or remove your ad via the tab 'My Boat'

  • 2 - What are the conditions to add a boat on the site?

    You must be the owner of a registered vessel that meets the following conditions:
    • Be insured for the year of the rental
    • Be in perfect working condition and regularly serviced
    • Be equipped with the armament of security in line with its category of navigation

  • 3 - What types of boats are accepted?

    Boats that are accepted are motorboats and sailboats in a perfect state of navigation. The following boats are not accepted:
    • Jet-skis
    • Windsurfing canoeing/kayaking

  • 4 - What is the difference between a skipper and captain?

    A skipper has a state diploma (Master 200 or Yacht Master for example). They can be paid for their activity.

    A captain cannot be paid for their activity. In general, it is the boat owner who stays on board as a passenger (without touching the controls of the ship for the maneuvers). The renter must always be the captain of the boat they rent.

  • 5 - What is the mandatory safety equipment?

    You must have safety equipment appropriate to the navigation category of your boat, especially in the number of lifejackets equal to the capacity of the boat. Click here to discover the list of mandatory safety equipment.

  • 6 - Who sets the rental price?

    It is up to you to set the rental price of your boat for the day and the week depending on the season. To help you determine an appropriate fee, a simulator is available by clicking here (we recommend a price 30% below the market price). The rate that you fill in when creating your ad will be the price displayed. You will receive 85% of the rental price. The fuel is not included, it is the responsibility of the renter.

  • 7 - Why am I not able to successfully upload my ad?

    Do you have the impression of being blocked, your photos cannot be uploaded, are you not able to save the ad? Call the sales department of SamBoat at They will be delighted to help you.


  • 1 - Do I have to be already insured?

    Yes, it is mandatory to be insured for your rental business. If you're not already covered for this activity, you can subscribe to the optional insurance MAIF proposed by SamBoat. This insurance, which is extra, can cover your boat in peril during the term of the lease and costs 20€/rental day, deducted from your rental income.

  • 2 - What are the conditions to be able to benefit from the insurance SamBoat-MAIF?

    You must be the owner of a boat and meet the following conditions :
    • Have a boat in a perfect state of navigation and with the armament of security required
    • Be insured to the year (regardless of your level of coverage)
    • Have not declared or been in a crash or termination of a contract of boating insurance in the past 24 months.
    See the terms and conditions and the specific contract.

    In order to subscribe to the MAIF insurance, you just have to click on "I agree to the insurance MAIF" tab in the "insurance" of the management of ad. Then fill out the registration and the declared value of the boat, once you have registered, you will be insured.

  • 3 - How is my boat covered?

    If you choose the SamBoat-MAIF day insurance option, here is the coverage:

    Damage, loss or theft to the extent of the economic value of the boat the day of the disaster within the limit of the insured value:
    • Costs of retirement after grounding or sinking
    • Exit and discharge fees
    • Costs of assistance and rescue
    • Towing service and tow to the nearest shipyard
    • Your equipment is also covered:
    - Engines / Sails / Deck Fittings / Equipment / Dinghy

    What is not covered:
    • Breakdowns and incidents of a mechanical nature
    • Damages and losses resulting from wear and tear, construction defects, lack of maintenance
    • The damage sustained by the outboard engine as a result of its fall into the water
    • The fraudulent non-return of the boat, the misuse by the renter, or any of its content following a rental
    • Damage resulting from strandings due to tidal movements.

    Booking and payment

  • 1 - Who can rent my boat?

    It is you who chooses the future renter, according to his evaluations and his nautical CV. In addition, when the day comes, if you feel that the tenant does not have the skills that match his nautical CV, you are entitled to cancel the rental.

  • 2 - When am I paid? and how?

    The payment is sent 24 HOURS after the beginning of the lease, leaving the renter the opportunity to make a claim on site if your boat does not fit your initial description. You will receive the amount of the rental in the form of a bank transfer. To receive this transfer, it is imperative to upload your bank identity statement (RIB) in the "My account" section and then also to " Banking Information ", as well as providing a scanned copy of your identity card or passport in the tab " certifications of identity "

  • 3 - Does the renter pay me directly?

    No, all payments must be made on our website to avoid fraud or faulty checks. In addition, if it is found that you've paid offline, you will be removed from the platform and a demand for compensation will be sent to you.

  • 4 - Do I have to declare my income ?

    SamBoat does not transmit information to tax authorities, you are required to report your income by yourself.

    According to the law passed at the beginning of 2017, if your income does not exceed €7846 annually, you do not need to pay social security contributions. If your annual income exceeds €7846, then you will need to pay social security contributions. You can choose to opt for the status of micro entrepreneur or common law.

    You can declare your income in two main categories:
    - BIC (Industrial and Commercial Profits) for a normal business and for its own account that allows you to benefit from deductions and the tax scale.
    - BNC (Non-Commercial Profits) for any other activity that does not fall within the category of the BIC.

    You will find all the necessary information via this link :

  • 5 - Can I cancel the reservation?

    It is not possible to cancel the rental. is above all a community of trust, we ask members to respect their commitments. In case of cancellation without valid reasons, a penalty of €200 is deducted from the next income received.

  • 6 - Can the renter cancel the reservation?

    If the renter cancels without a valid reason, the following penalties will be applied:
    •If cancelled more than 2 weeks before the rental, you will receive 50% of the rental
    •If cancelled less than 2 weeks before the rental, you will receive 100% of the amount of the rental
    Only a weather report on the port of departure allows the renter to cancel the reservation without charge.

  • 7 - How much will I get per rental?

    You will receive 85% of the price that you have defined in your ad. SamBoat is paid by taking a commission of 15% per rental. If you have subscribed to the insurance SamBoat-MAIF, there will be a €20 per day of rental deduction from the amount received.

  • 8 - Is there a fixed deposit?

    SamBoat provides a tool to manage the deposit. In the event of a problem, it will be directly debited from the account of the renter to cover your damages (within the limits of solvency of the renter). The deposit is determined by the owner with a minimum of €500. This deposit allows you to pay the deductible and any light damage on the boat as well as accessories.

    SamBoat can not ensure the solvency of the renter, we recommend that you also ask for a deposit check.


  • 1 - Do I have to be present during the delivery of the keys?

    It is preferable that you are present, to explain to the tenant the operation, the settings and the characteristics of the vessel. In addition, you can take advantage of your knowledge of the area and suggest interesting spots to navigate.
    If you are not nearby, you can use our concierge service to rent your boat without moving, for this, click here. Note: we highly recommend (if you have the opportunity) to meet with the tenant earlier than the scheduled time and help them take control of the boat.

  • 2 - Is there a rental contract?

    Yes, a rental contract is mandatory and is to be completed and signed by you and the tenant. With the confirmation of the payment, you will receive a pre-filled contract by email.

  • 3 - Do I need to include a full tank of fuel?

    To facilitate the rental, it is best to fill the tank prior to any rental, but you are not obliged to do so. On the other hand, the tenant is obliged to return the boat with the same level of fuel as at the start of the rental.

  • 4 - Can I stay onboard during the rental?

    You have the option to stay on board the boat, but as a passenger and not master on board. If you want to keep control on board, you will need to provide a professional skipper qualification and an NUC (booklet francization orange) outfitted boat.

  • 5 - In what state should my boat be?

    You have a commitment to our platform, the insurer and the tenant. Your boat must be fully equipped and compliant with the legislation in force, it must therefore be outfitted according to its class of navigation and regularly serviced. Your liability may be incurred in case of damage.

    Concierge Service

  • 1 - What is the concierge service offered by SamBoat?

    In order to facilitate the management of your boat, SamBoat works with maritime professionals in most of the ports of France. These Boat Captains can manage the rentals in your place including the preparation of the boat, condition of the premises, contracts, and handing over of boat. They can also take care of the maintenance and security of your boat.

  • 2 - How to contact a Boat Captain?

    In order to contact the Boat Captain of your area, register on SamBoat and fill in this form. They will promptly contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.

  • 3 - What is the price of the services?

    Several offers are available to you, you can choose the full management or a one time rental.

    The boat handling starts at €49.

  • 4 - What does the certification of an advertisement consist of?

    When a Boat Captain certifies your advertisement, it reassures the future renters. It checks the compliance of the ad, safety equipment, maintenance of the boat and the engine, as well as all the necessary elements of a good navigation. They will also take new photos of your boat in order to highlight your listing.

  • 5 - How do I certify my ad and how much does it cost?

    This service is completely free!
    You need to make an appointment with your Boat Captain by completing this form.

    In the event of a problem

  • 1 - What happens if the boat is damaged during the rental?

    You must make a claim to the insurer which covers your rental business. If you have subscribed to the SamBoat-MAIF insurance, you're fully covered.

    The security deposit of the tenant will cover your insurance deductible and your repairs in case of damages occurring to your boat.
    You need to notify SamBoat as soon as possible to charge the deposit and help you in your efforts.

  • 2 - And in case of a breakdown?

    Contact your insurer to take the necessary measures.

    If you have subscribed to the insurance MAIF, the cost of towing and repatriation are covered by the insurance. After the expert's report, if the repairs are related to a failure of wear and tear, the repair costs will be your responsibility.

  • 3 - How to declare a disaster?

    To report a claim, you need to send an email to a maximum of 48 hours after the event or contact the customer service department.

    In this email, be sure to include:
    • The statement of claim, including the circumstances and causes known or supposed claim, be dated and signed by the tenant
    • The names and addresses of the injured persons and, if possible, witnesses when it comes to an accident or injury caused to a third party
    • The copy of the rental contract signed by the 2 parties
    • The pictures of the damage
    • Copy of the papers of the boat
    • Estimate of repair