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Renter Help Center


  • 1 - Is the registration free?

    Yes, the registration is completely free and requires no subscription.

  • 2 - What are the requirements to rent a boat?

    You must meet the following criteria:
    •Be 18 years of age
    •Have a credit card in your name
    •Possess a license for a motorboat without a skipper

  • 3 - How is price of the boat determined? What is the price posted?

    The price displayed is inclusive of all taxes and the SamBoat service charge. Fuel is not included. On some boats, rental options may be offered. The owner sets the price of his boat freely. If you are renting over a long period, you may request a special offer.

  • 4 - How can I contact the owner?

    You can send a booking request to the owner and they will be notified by sms and email. You will then be able to ask them any questions you want. This request does not involve any commitment on your part. You'll have the opportunity to exchange phone numbers once the payment is made.


  • 1 - Am I insured during the rental ?

    All owners have the obligation to be covered for their rental business. Some have their own rental insurance and others have subscribed to our insurance contract SamBoat-MAIF. You will see the MAIF logo on the right side of the announcement if the boat is insured.

    You can find all the terms and conditions and special usage.

    Booking and payment

  • 1 - How can I be sure that my rental application is accepted?

    First of all, send a clear and complete message to the owner explaining your rental. It is also important to complete your nautical CV online. To do so, accurately and honestly describe your previous vacation experiences with regards to rentals. If your statement proves to be inaccurate, the owner will be entitled to cancel the lease. Finally, please make sure to check your documents and contact information. An assured owner will accept a request much more easily and rent you a boat. Some owners are more available than others and to increase the chance of acceptance, please send reservation requests to different owners.

  • 2 - At what point do I have to pay and how ?

    As soon as the owner accepts your booking request, you will be asked to pay the amount of the rental by credit card. For an early rental, it is possible to pay in 3 installments without fees by a bank transfer.

    For security reasons, you do not need to pay the rental directly.

  • 3 - Do I pay the owner directly?

    No, alert SamBoat immediately and deny all requests coming from the owner asking you to pay outside of the platform. This can be a scam and you will not be insured for the rental

  • 4 - Can I cancel or move my reservation?

    If a reservation is cancelled, penalties are applied:
    • If cancelled more than 2 weeks before the rental, you pay 50% of the rental
    • If cancelled less than 2 weeks before the rental, you pay 100% of the amount of the rental, however, it is possible to change the dates of the rental, free of charge, if the owner of the vessel gives their approval for a new date.

    A weather special on the port of departure or an event presenting risk for the navigation will allow you to cancel or change the reservation without charge.

    You must notify SamBoat of any cancellation requests or modifications before the start date of the rental.

  • 5 - Can the owner cancel my reservation?

    The owner is not authorized to cancel the booking (under the penalty of being removed from the platform), except in cases of force majeure, as the damage occurred prior to the rental date.

  • 6 - What is the deposit for?

    The deposit is used to pay the deductible of the insurance and any damage sustained by the owner. A credit card pre-authorization is done automatically at the time of payment to guarantee funds. The deposit is only used in case of damage, loss, theft of the vessel, delay in or non-compliance of the rental agreement. To cover the costs of intervention and of appeal to the guarantor, SamBoat withdraws 5% of the charged amount with a minimum of €100.

    At the time of payment, some banks perform an audit of the funds on your bank account. This can result in a hold of 200€ from your bank. This amount will not be charged to your account.


  • 1 - Is there a rental contract?

    Yes, it is MANDATORY for you and the owner to sign the contract. You will receive the contract pre-filled by email upon confirmation of your payment.

  • 2 - Who can stay aboard during the rental?

    If you rent a boat alone, only you and your friends are allowed to be on the boat. Please note that if you choose a rental with captain, the owner will be present on the boat as a passenger, but not as the head of the edge. You will be head of the edge. If you rent a motor boat, you will need a mandatory license. If it is a sailboat, some knowledge of sailing will be essential.

    If it is a rental with a skipper, you can climb aboard a boat with a professional and no knowledge or permit is required. Let us guide you.

  • 3 - For what purposes can I rent the boat?

    The boat must be rented strictly for leisurely purposes. Rentals are to be excluded from any participation in regattas, competitions or trial preparations.

  • 4 - How can I ensure the proper operating condition of the boat?

    Each owner agrees to provide a boat well equipped and in compliance with the legislation in force, it must therefore be outfitted according to its class of navigation and regularly serviced. Some boats have been certified by our local representatives, you will find this statement on the announcement if this is the case.

    After each rental, the boats and owners are evaluated, both on the condition of the boat than on the behavior of the owner. SamBoat reserves the right to remove the listings of boats if they do not correspond to their description. In addition, the owners have a commitment to the insurance which will not cover them if the boat has not been maintained.

  • 5 - What is a certified boat?

    Certified boats are boats that have been verified by a SamBoat agent on the ground. The certification checks the accuracy of the information presented in the ad, the condition of the engine and sails, as well as the boat insurance.

  • 6 - Is the cleaning of the boat included in the rent?

    No, you must clean the boat, as you found it, except when indicated by the owner or optional fee.

  • 7 - Is the fuel included in the rent?

    No, the fuel is not included. You must return the boat with the same level of fuel as at the beginning of the rental.

  • 8 - What are the documents required to rent a boat?

    The day of the rental, you must show your identity card or passport to the owner, as well as your boating license (for rentals of motorboats), in order for him to verify them.

    In the event of a problem

  • 1 - What happens if I damage the boat during the rental?

    If the boat is damaged, you will make a sea report or a statement to the mutual agreement (if third party). If you are responsible for the damage, you will be charged the amount of the deposit.

  • 2 - And in case of failure?

    It is important to contact the owner directly to find a solution.

  • 3 - What to do in case of disaster?

    In the case of danger to the crew or the vessel, contact the 196 or VHF channel 16.
    Tell the owner first, if the boat is not secured with the contract SamBoat-MAIF, he can then contact his own insurance, in order to determine the best thing to do. Notify SamBoat through the emergency number listed on the rental contract.
    at the end of the lease, you will need to complete a sea report to describe the facts, described on the rental contract, the damage suffered by the boat and take pictures.