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  • Ja
    22 September 2021

    The boat (Cocomaluco) was excellent and the support from the staff was great. The moorings in Palma are very nice, with clean showers/toilets and security. However, on arriving we had to pay ~400€ in extra fees (cleaning service, insurance, bedsheets) in cash, which wasn't clear from the website and would have been much nicer to pay online all at once.

  • Pe
    20 August 2021

    "Pina colada" sub-standard. Instruments damaged, decking broken, hatches cracked, cockroach in galley, head's backflowing from seized seacock, fuses corroded, no fire suppresion in engine bay. upholstry old and dirty, v bad smell. Marina full of sewage. No refund offered because of small print in contract signed weeks before. Never again.