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Rent a boat with or without a skipper in Annapolis


Annapolis is a city located in Maryland bordering the inner waters of the Chesapeake Bay. 

Not far from other cities and with many islands, sandy shores and beaches, Annapolis is a top destination for any sailor. Indeed, because of its position and geographical features, Annapolis has everything that will keep you wanting to explore more every day. Maryland is a very interesting state because of its place in the history of the United States. Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to anchor at many historical places and learn more about one of the 13 original colonies.


Best time to hire a boat in Annapolis


The best time to visit Annapolis is spring or fall in the months of April to June and late August to October. With pretty good weather including warm temperatures and less aggressive winds, it is the optimal time to set sail in Annapolis. This is also the off-season, when fewer tourists are visiting meaning you’ll have a better boat availability. 


The high season also has good weather. If you do plan on exploring the shores surrounding Annapolis in the summertime, be sure to charter your yacht well before as availability can get quite difficult with incoming crowds.


Prices for a yacht charter in Annapolis


The prices will vary on your yacht charter depending on different factors. The prices are usually more expensive for larger boats and it may also depend on the type. For instance, catamarans are often more expensive than monohulls. Motorboats are even more expensive with extra costs having to be included such as fuel. The price may also vary depending on the dates, with the high season being the most expensive time.


Be careful to check the prices well in advance, particularly if you do plan on sailing in the high season because of the higher demand for boat rentals.


Do you need a licence to rent a boat in Annapolis?


For anyone born after July 1st 1972, a boating safety certificate will be requested upon rental. If you don’t have the required licence to hire a bareboat, SamBoat gives you the possibility to rent a boat with a skipper on most rentals. A skipper is a boat captain who will drive the boat and show you around Annapolis.


A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 98939 reviews