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Bastia – the second largest town in Corsica – is a quiet town still unspoiled by mass tourism. The picturesque town with its beautiful beaches, Italianate architecture, shaded gardens, and ports guarantee a memorable time to anyone yearning for a peaceful and tranquil holiday. 

Bastia isn’t devoid of tourist hangouts; on the contrary, there are many marinas and yacht clubs for sailing enthusiasts, charming villages with hilltop sites to explore, and numerous cafes and restaurants near the harbor that serve as perfect locations for a break or to munch on mouthwatering local cuisines.


Sailing in Bastia


Do you like sailing? Hiring a boat in Bastia has a wide variety of options available to tourists, ranging from sailboats to luxury yachts and everything in between. You can rent a boat in Bastia that suits your budget, accommodates all of the touring party, and satisfies your needs. The boats come with or without a skipper and with or with a guide. 

Are you on vacation to Bastia on a limited budget? That shouldn’t stop you from exploring the best sights and scenes that the Mediterranean has to offer. You can rent a bareboat or a boat with skipper for just 60 € a day. Those who prefer to travel in style can go for a yacht that starts around 330 Euros a day. One suggestion, if the motorboat is what you like then you can choose boat like the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 5,5 CC (around 150 Euros a day). The boat comes with or without a skipper and can accommodate as many as 6 people. If you are traveling with a larger group, you would need a larger motorboat. Then, you can rent a Conam 46 sport with a capacity of 12 people as it would be more suitable. 

Compared to other parts of Corsica, the coastal parts of Bastia is relatively easy to sail. Sailing enthusiasts would be happy to know the buoyage is quite sufficient around Bastia, including shoals and other hazards. 

Sometimes, the winds here have a tendency to change water levels. But, the tourists have nothing to worry, as the tides have a small range, say around 10 to 30 cm. During summer, the entire island of Corsica witnesses Ponente, Libeccio, Scirocco, Levante, Grecale, and Mistral winds. Expect some of these to head your way if you’re in Bastia. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, sailing can be fun and memorable in Bastia. But, take the wind speed, strength, and direction into consideration before you set out to sail. 


The weather in Bastia


Like other coastal areas of Corsica, Bastia enjoys a Mediterranean climate. In summer, the daytime temperature averages around 28 degree Celsius; the same is around 12 degree Celsius during the winter months. 

The ideal weather condition for sailing in Bastia is of course during the summer, when there is plenty of sunshine and very little rainfall. For sailing enthusiasts, keen on the direction of the winds; the prevailing winds are north-westerly, westerly, and south-westerly. 

Don’t heed to the few who complain of harsh winds that occasionally visit the town and its coastal areas. Bastia is no less than a paradise for the locals and the scores of tourists that descend on the town during summer. The sun’s rays flood the town, creates the perfect conditions for sailing, for more than 300 days a year. 

Tourists planning a visit to Bastia can use the town as their base station to discover other attractions of Corsica. As the altitude increases the climate changes and at 1500 meters the tourists are greeted by snow-capped peaks, signaling alpine climate. You’ll find the climate change from place to place, with the south being colder than the north. 


How to reach Bastia?


For holidaymakers from Europe, mainland France, or the four corners of the globe, the best way to reach the dreamy town of Bastia is via a plane. The Bastia Airport is just 20km from the town, located on the main highway. You can hire a taxi – many available around the airport, or use the local bus – that makes an hourly trip to the town, to reach your accommodation. 

Of course, the next best way to arrive is from boat can be taken from France or Italy. From the French Riviera to Bastia or any part of Corsica is no more than a day’s sail. The journey could be cut short to just a few hours (say 2-4 hours) if you choose a motor yacht. 


Things to do in Bastia


You can use Bastia as the base station and visit other attractions of Corsica and Italy. You can charter a yacht in Bastia to easily make a trip to Nice, Toulon, and Marseille in France and Piombino, Livorno, Savona, and Genoa in Italy.

Summer is the best season for sailing and the busiest too. You may have to settle for your second choice if you delay the booking. In order to avoid it, rent a boat in Bastia well in advance to beat the rush. Generally speaking, less than 50% of boats are available for the summer 2 months before July. The best moment to book your sailing or catamaran for the summer would be in April or May. 

Bastia and Corsica are well known for their scenic villages and beautiful hills, valleys, and passes. A narrow gauge train runs through the best tourist attractions of Bastia. A ride on the train in Bastia is pricy, but it’s worth every buck. 

A trip to Bastia is quite incomplete without a visit to the famous Vieux Port. The old port is a staple among the sailing enthusiasts. Want an experience of a lifetime? Visit the Vieux Port in the early evening or at dusk – you’ll never forget the sight. 

Walking through the pedestrian-friendly town you can travel back in time. The centuries-old cathedrals, churches, and buildings are a must visit. Want to learn about Bastia and its rich history? Visit the city museum located in the Palais des Gouverneurs. 


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