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Boat Rental & Yacht Charter in Burlington


It is a city on the southern part of the Canadian border in the state of Vermont. It has one of the most famous ports on Lake Champlain. The lake is one of the most important in the region and is visited by boaters and their vessels. During the summer and spring, you will find a number of sailors cruising the entire lake. Rent a boat in Burlington to have this exciting experience.


Some travellers say that if you rent a boat in Burlington you will be able to see New York City and Canada from a different angle. It's a great experience to see these important sites from a different angle while you enjoy boating. Sailing on Lake Champlain will help you relax and momentarily forget your worries. 


Pricing and information about hiring a boat in Burlington


In low season yacht charter prices start from 270 euros depending on the type of boat. It is important to plan if you want to charter a boat in Burlington during the high season, the demand for boat rentals increases along with the prices.  The busiest months in Burlington start from June to the end of August. 


To rent and enjoy any of the boats available in the catalogue, we suggest that you start searching two months in advance and start the process immediately. Especially if you plan to visit Burlington during high season to ensure you find the best boat for you and your friends. 


Do you need a license to rent a boat in Burlington?


A license is required to renting a boat in Burlington including a nautical resume describing your previous sailing experience and the type of boat you have sailed. If you don't have experience or license you can rent a boat with a skipper. Skippers are very helpful, they can show you places that only locals know about. 


Things to do in Burlington


⚓  Walking around the city


Burlington is a charming city and you can easily get to explore it by walking. Check out the street markets and admire the art they sell. Alternatively, walk down the city's main street and visit its many boutiques.


⚓  Rent a bike 


You can rent a bike and ride around the city to quickly explore the city. Or if you like to have adventures you can rent a bike and explore the nearby forests.


⚓  Museum day


This city has several museums with lots of fascinating historical sights. You can visit them to understand the history of the city and the significance of Lake Champlain to the city. 


Practical Information:


The city of Burlington is very well connected to neighbouring cities and to Canadian cities. You can drive from Boston, New York, Toronto or Montreal to the charming city of Burlington. You can also take a bus or the famous Vermont Railway and be amazed by the scenery that this state has to offer. If you are in one of the Lake Champlain towns, you can take a ferry to get to Lake Champlain. 


A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 98942 reviews