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Jet Ski Rental

Charter a Jet Ski with or without skipper




Renting a Jet Ski

Jet skiing, also known as a water scooter, is another solution for enjoying the pleasures of the sea for a short period of time. Most jet ski rentals can be arranged for periods varying from 20 minutes to two hours. You also have the possibility to make special rentals that can even be extended to several weeks. One thing to note as well is if you're planning a yacht charter, you can add jet ski's as an add on for your sailing holidays.



Do you need a license to rent a Jet Ski

There are two main types of jet ski rental options. Jet ski rental with a permit and jet ski rental without a permit. In both cases, you must be at least 16 years old.

If you want to enjoy a jet ski entirely at your disposal without the instructor's assistance, you will need to bring with you your boat licence, which is also used to drive jet skis and a passport photo. There are several different types of jet ski rental for different time periods and engine performances at affordable prices. Yes, not all engines and models are alike.

If you do not have a boat licence to drive a water scooter, you will be assisted by a professional instructor who will be with you all along your ride. His expertise and knowledge of the area will be very useful to you. His professionalism will ensure you a pleasant and safe moment.





How much does it cost to rent a Jet ski?

On average, the price to hire a jet ski for about 30 minutes is 70€. It remains an average rate due to the price changing from country to country and from season to season. Prices may vary depending on the area where you want to do a jet ski tour and the time of the year. In the middle of summer, when the demand for such a vessel is at its highest, rates per-hour are likely to increase. For example, a jet ski rental in Miami during the month of August will be a bit different than a jet ski rental in Spain in May.





Where to rent a jet ski?

Just like our many boat offerings, you, can rent a jet ski anywhere in the world. If you are planning a weekly charter, you can always request a jet ski as an extra and you can have it with you for as many days. If you are planning a simple day outing, you can rent a jet ski in France, plan a jet ski trip in Croatia, or explore the Greek islands by jet ski.




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