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Founded in 1986 by Bernard Badets in the Bordeaux region, B2 Marine is a manufacturer of portable boats. Today, it has become the European leader in this sector. Since 2018, the shipyard is located in Latresne, which is not far from Bordeaux and it continues to build top of the line boats that keep meeting the needs of sailors demands. To this date, more than 10,000 boats are sailing around the world.


The three main brands that stand out at B2 Marine are the Cap-Ferret motorboats and the Blue Djinn and Djinn 7 specialising in sailboats. In the Cap-Ferret Open range, 8 models exist. The Cap-Ferret B2 500 Open is suitable for all types of navigation, the Cap-Ferret 452 Open Fish offers a spacious cockpit for fishermen, the Cap-Ferret 472 Open offers a relaxing area with a large sunbathing spot and a modular table for 4 people. The Cap-Ferret 522 Open offers a small storage space for fishing equipment and the Cap-Ferret 552 is one of the best sellers in its range.


The Cap-Ferret 572 Open has up to 115hp, the Cap-Ferret 702 Open is a bit more powerful, and finally the Cap-Ferret 652 Open is the largest and can accommodate up to 9 people. In the Cap-Ferret Cruiser range, there are five different models: the Cap-Ferret 472 Cruiser, which gives a certain type of comfort when navigating thanks to its windscreen, the Cap-Ferret 522 Cruiser, which has two berths and storage space. The next one up is the extremely comfortable Cap-Ferret 572 Cruiser, the Cap-Ferret 652 Cruiser Integral Line offering increased safety and comfort. The last one in the line is the 752 Cruiser Premium offering 4 berths and lots of other amenities.


The Cap-Ferret Sun Deck range offers four models: the Cap-Ferret 472 Sun Deck and the Cap-Ferret 522 Sun Deck, each with two bathing platforms. The Cap-Ferret 552 Sun Deck and finally the Cap-Ferret 672 Sun Deck Premium with a very large sunbed.


In the latest Cap-Ferret Timonier Croisiere range, we have the Cap-Ferret 722 T. Cruiser Premium with elegant finishes and unparalleled comfort. In regards to the sailing category, the Blue Djinn brand is ideal for cruising. It has 4 berths, a modular table, and a 25cm draught allowing it to access some of the more remote beaches. The second brand is the Djinn 7, designed by architect Jacques Fauroux. The sailboat is featured with an elegant and modern design. The cockpit can accommodate up to 5 people, either an outing with family or with friends.

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