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Rent a Beneteau

Rent a Beneteau

Rent a Beneteau


Beneteau is one of the most prestigious boat brands on the market. The French group launched more than 100 years ago and has built a strong reputation in the yachting world. The Beneteau group designs, builds, and sells its own boats.


The Beneteau brand brings together several ranges of boats and it is possible to rent them through Samboat. The different ranges they offer are the Oceanis, First, Antares, Swift and Flyer.


Beneteau's Oceanis range corresponds to pleasure yachts. This is the historic range of the Beneteau brand, which launched in 1986. Over the years, the range has expanded and now it is possible to rent an Oceanis from 31 to 60 feet. Needless to say, with the range they provide, there is most certainly a boat that will meet everyones individual needs. The Oceanis line has won several awards, such as the "Yacht of the Year" for the Oceanis 31.


If you wish to rent a sailboat that is easy to manoeuvre with proven stability, then the Oceanis line is the perfect fit for you.


Beneteau's First attracts speed lovers with its sporty and edgy design. There are several models of First available for rent. Starting at 14ft to 27ft, the line is perfectly suited for regattas. The interior is never neglected as the line offers the necessary comfort to make your stay on the water a pleasant one.
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