The Most Charming City Ports in Spain

By Kanika Dabra - October 21, 2019

Spain is one of the most visited countries around the globe, and it ensures diverse landscapes and charming pace of life. There are many reasons that travelers chose this country, either for its ocean freight or the city ports for sailing and cruising

Cruising comes along with different stops at the ports of Spain. All your planning and tourism prep can be done on the port. We thought that the ten ports across Spain might be interesting for your next holidays. Every guide will give you the information about the port and how you can utilize the limited time you have there.


The area covered by the port of Barcelona is over 2,400 acres, with depths of almost 53 feet and features around 12 miles of berths and wharves. The Port of Barcelona is the busiest cruise port. The sailing trips delivers excellent views of Sagrada Familia and other masterpieces. In this part of the city the restaurants are overlooking the sea with the famous paella or the tapas bars for an enjoyable sunset moment.


Located in the city of Malaga in the southern part of Spain, there is in international seaport called the Port of Malaga. It is the most historically continuous port in Spain. There are several destinations to jot down on your adventure trip, but many people decide to take a daylight trip to the amazing Alhambra Palace in Granada.


Port of Vigo is known to be the largest and the busiest fishing port in Spain in terms of transportation and tourism. If you are planning to have the best seafood tapas with magnificent wines from Galicia, Port of Vigo is the right place. The most memorable day trip would be to the historic city of Santiago de Compostela.


Port of Ibiza lies in the Mediterranean about 125km east of Denia. Ibiza has a reputation for its party nights as this island of Spain has the most expensive and famous nightclubs. It is also an attraction that families who come enjoy beach resorts and escape by boat to the quiet Formentera Island located few minutes of navigation away.


The fifth busiest port in Europe is the Port of Valencia, which is also one of the biggest one around Spain and the Mediterranean. It was reconstructed in 2007 for America’s Cup. Valencia port attracts all the Mediterranean cruises. Travelers cruise there to experience the historic city of arts and sciences. 


This port covers around 773 acres of land and has containers, liquid and substantial bulk, cargo and other horticultural products. Port of Bilbao is the fourth busiest in the whole country. A new terminal for cruisers has been built to experience the fantastic Basque Country. The best part of the day would be the Museum of Guggenheim. 


Port of Almeria is a very busy ferry-port which is located in the central city and serves as a ferry terminal. Morocco nationals who are resting in Western Europe use these ferry terminals to visit their relatives in summers. Alhambra Palace on the port is one of the places that attract tourists in south-east Spain.


This port is located in the seas of Alicante, Spain and is formally used for passenger traffic and commercial logistics. It stands in the shadow of the classic medieval castle and recently has achieved a lot of engagements by tourists. It is one of the county’s most visited cruise destination. 


This is a natural bay longing up to 6 kilometers and gives a unique landscape view. Mahon is the most mesmerizing port of the whole Mediterranean Sea. It cruises into historical places of Mahon, which are surely a must-see. 

La Palmas

This is generally a port for fishing, commercial traffic, passenger traveling, and sports boats racing. It attracts millions of cruise ships every year to visit the Canary Islands and the fantastic Transatlantic voyages of the sea.

Sailing in Spain was never a bad idea, even more when you’re prepared for all the incoming adventures!

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