Navigate in Complete Safety ⚓

This year, numerous people will hit the waters again and today our objective is still and will always be to allow you to practice your passion in the best conditions! Every sailor must know and respect the rules that will prevent them from endangering their own life and that of their crew. First and foremost, it is important to remember that the skipper is responsible for all passengers on boa

Essential things to do in beautiful Mallorca

Mallorca is the Mediterranean island par excellence and is popular year round with those who want to enjoy a few days of relaxation. Along with the islands of Formentera, Ibiza and Menorca, Mallorca is the island in the Balearic archipelago. It is the largest island at 3,600km2 with around 850,000 inhabitants. The island is a holiday paradise that attracts sports lovers, those who are passionate

7 Day Cruise in Mallorca: Hidden coves and luxurious beaches

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island has it all, white sandy beaches, charming coves with turquoise waters and pine forests. Moreover, it is a true mixture of tradition and history, its paradisiacal landscapes and mountains are impressive. If you plan to rent a boat in Mallorca to enjoy with friends or family. We propose you a 7-day

Sailing Itinerary: 7 days to discover Malta

Sailing in Malta is one of the most satisfying experiences and is surely at the top of the to-do lists for sailors all over the world. Discover virgin beaches and hidden spots in translucent water. Welcome to the coast of Malta! This sailing itinerary in Malta starting from the port of Valletta. And here is a journey that will make your heart capsize between translucent water, white sand and rock

Set Sail to The Bahamas

Sailing in the Bahamas When we think of spending our vacations sailing in the carribean, it is without a doubt that the first thing that comes to mind is The Bahamas. I’m sure we’ve all seen the beautiful scenery and the perfect sailing conditions making it one of the top sailing destinations worldwide. With so many choices on how to explore The Bahamas, we’ve fallen in love with one rou

Corfu Itinerary: Escape for 7 days in the Ionian Islands

Renowned for their beauty, the Greek islands are a must-see sailing destination. From Corfu to Paxos, via Lefkada and Ithaca, we have created a custom 7-day excursion to discover the essentials of the Ionian Islands. Practical Information for Sailing in Corfu With a multitude of anchorages, each one more pleasant than the next, the Ionian Sea is an essential destination for any sailor.

Cruise in Greece in the setting of Mamma Mia: Sporades Islands

Are you fans of the movie Mamma Mia, featuring Meryl Streep? Do you remember the charming setting where the movie takes place? Would you like to rent a catamaran or sailboat there? This magnificent setting belongs to Greece and is located on the islands of Sporades. The islands Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros and Skiathos of the archipelago are located in the northern Aegean Sea. You will succumb to

A Weekend To Discover The Glénan Archipelago

The Glénan archipelago is a unique place that stands out from all other Breton landscapes. The lagoon and the small islands that make up the archipelago make this place a paradise. It attracts many sailors every year. The archipelago is located in Finistère, and is composed of 9 main islands and a large number of islets. Only the island of Saint-Nicolas is inhabited. Practical tips for

5 Reasons To Go Sailing Along Your Own Coast

When one thinks of a planning a beach holiday, most people decides to book a ticket to travel abroad. However, there are plenty of countries where there is an option to have a seaside holiday within borders. Even though the current situation enables travelling again, it is more complicated than it used to be. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry as there are still opportunities to have a h

Covid-19 Cancellation Insurance – Your questions answered

Your desire to sail is as strong as ever, but you don’t want to take the risk of booking a boat in the current conditions. SamBoat has the solution with the new Covid-19 cancellation insurance. Covid-19 Insurance – Frequently asked questions 1) Can I cancel my rental before the departure date? You develop symptoms related to Covid 19 and need to be tested (with a prescription).