Guide to choosing the right boat to rent in Cabo

By Kanika from SamBoat - February 1, 2024

So, you’ve decided you’re heading to Cabo for vacation. And you want to experience a yacht charter in Cabo to truly enjoy everything the Sea of Cortez has to offer for an afternoon. Let me help you choose the right vessel for your boat rental in Cabo. When choosing the perfect yacht in Cabo, there are several things you’re going to have to take into consideration as there are a ton of different types of boats for rent in Cabo. At the end of the day, it all depends upon your needs. Let this be your guide: 

Mega Yachts:

A yacht charter in Cabo for a day can really be a memorable experience. Unlike in the United States, you are not arbitrarily limited to 12 guests on any yacht. Some of these yachts can take up to 30 guests which is fantastic if you’re sharing the charter with a few other families or simply have a large group of friends onboard. 

Another reason to charter a mega yacht in Cabo is for the culinary experience. Onboard, you’ll find highly trained chefs and stewards ready to serve you some of Mexico’s famous culinary delights. It’s your personal gourmet restaurant, on the water! 

Finally, if you’re into water-toys (jet-skis, sea-bobs, paddle boards, kayaks etc…) you’ll find a number of those onboard these larger sized yachts. We’ve even got one that comes with an inflatable water-slide! 


If you’re looking to rent a boat and spend the afternoon on the water with a group of 4-6 friends, you really can’t go wrong with a cruiser. One of the things I love about being on a cruiser is that authentic feeling of being on the water. You can really feel the sea beneath the yacht while cruising around on the water. 

Cruisers are also very comfortable. While there isn’t any flybridge, they’ve got really spacious cockpits with swim platforms at the back. Really convenient for jumping and out of the water on a hot Cabo day! 

When you rent a boat in Cabo and choose a cruiser, you’ll also generally get a pretty substantial meal while onboard. While it won’t be prepared onboard, it will be brought on, heated up and plated on the boat. Cruisers also offer great value and are a fantastic way to get out on the water without necessarily breaking the bank. 


A catamaran is also a great option for Cabo San Lucas. One of the main reasons why catamarans are so popular is because they offer a lot of space on deck. They’re wide, and thus offer much more width than your traditional yacht or cruiser. 

When renting a catamaran, you’re also going to get a much more stable boat. Due to their double hull, the ride is smoother and less susceptible to movement while on the water. 

There are two different types of catamarans, power-cats and sailing cats. SamBoat features both available for rent in Cabo. 


Sailboats are plentiful in Cabo, and offer an authentic on-water experience for those looking for a more authentic sailing experience. There’s also a lot of wind on the sea of Cortez making for a very fun sailing experience. 

What sailboats lack in terms of space, they make up for in authenticity. Let one of the local experienced skippers take you out and show you Cabo all while respecting the environment. 

Get out on the water!

Rent a boat or charter a yacht in Cabo with this guide that is designed to make your choice easier! As always, an advisor at SamBoat is available to help you choose the right boat rental or yacht charter in Cabo

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