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Rent a boat with or without skipper in Benidorm, Spain

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Renting a Boat in Benidorm


Benidorm is a stunning seaside city along the Mediterranean coast. Given its excellent geographic location and climate it is a very popular holiday destination. It is perfect for a relaxing or for a sailing holiday. You can find beautiful sandy beaches, small bays with rocks, impressive old town and vibrant nightlife. Rent a boat in Benidorm and explore everything that this stunning seaside city has to offer. Sail along the coast and discover the secret spots and leave the crowd behind your back or do fun water sport activities! You will definitely find an activity to enjoy in Benidorm and won’t leave the city without full of memories. 


How much does it cost to rent a boat in Benidorm?


The cost of renting a boat in Benidorm depends on the season you visit the city. Naturally, the prices are higher during summer as most of the tourists visit Benidorm then and the demand is high. Prices drop outside this period in spring or autumn. If you plan to charter a yacht in Benidorm, expect to pay around 200€/day for a sailboat and around 500 €/day for a catamaran. 


When it comes to motor boats, it is harder to determine the prices as it depends on the size and type of boat you rent. Determining the activities you wish to do during your holiday can help to choose the type of boat you rent. Generally, you can find motor boats from around 150€/day. You need to have a different type of boat if you wish to do water sports or just sail along the coast to discover the secret spots. Knowing the activity and the number of people will help you choose the perfect boat that will make your holiday in Benidorm a very special experience. 


Boat availability in Benidorm


Renting a boat in Benidorm is very easy as there is a huge range of boats available. As it is a popular holiday destination it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Due to this, we highly recommend booking your boat in advance to find the perfect one for your dream holiday. Most of the tourists can be found during the peak season from June to August and there is less crowd in spring and autumn when the weather is still good. If you plan to charter a yacht in Benidorm, we recommend booking a few months in advance. And if you wish to rent a motor boat for a day it is still advised to book a few weeks before your holiday to avoid any unpleasant surprises and miss out on your dream boat. 


Do I need a licence to charter a yacht in Benidorm?


If you rent a boat in Benidorm, you have to follow the same regulations as anywhere else in Spain. Luckily, there are only two cases when you need a license to rent a boat. You will be asked to present your valid boating license if you rent a motor boat that is more than 4 meters in length and has more than 15 hp. Otherwise, you can rent a motor boat without a license in Benidorm. When it comes to sailboats, the only case you will have to present a valid boating license is when you rent a boat over 5 meters in size. Any other case, you are eligible to rent without a license. 


Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary documents or just want a stress-free vacation, you have the option to rent with a skipper. The benefit of renting a boat with a skipper is their expertise in driving a boat and having the necessary documents and their knowledge about the local area. They can show you places that you normally wouldn’t see. It can bring your holiday to the next level! 


Overview of Benidorm


Benidorm is a Spanish seaside city located on the eastern coast of the country along the Mediterranean sea. The city is a combination of the charming old town with narrow streets and small restaurants and the new town with skyscrapers and modern hotels and bars. Given this unique mixture everyone can find what is more suitable for them. Benidorm is full of amazing beaches that you must see when you visit the city. Don’t miss out on the Poiente and the Levante Beach. 


If you visit Benidorm, don’t forget to walk along the white sandy beaches, visit the old town.  Check out the Benidorm viewpoint which is a very popular tourist destination where you can take a look at the charming city along the coastline.If you are already in the old town, visit the St James church in Benidorm.


After visiting the city, set sail in Benidorm and go around the region to discover the amazing places. When in Benidorm, you'll also notice that you have plenty of amazing destinations nearby. Starting from the furthest point north, you can easily boat to Valencia. Within the Valencian community, you'll have plenty to see and experience. When descending further south from Valencia, you'll hit Denia first and then south of Benidorm, you'll have Alicante. Depending on what kind of rental you have, renting day boats in Altea is a perfect activity. Plenty of water sports enthusiasts flock here because of the amazing waters and scenery. If you're planning a longer trip, try a yacht charter in Alicante to explore for a week or two. Visit Torrevieja and rent a boat there, you can explore all the beaches in that area.


A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 99822 reviews