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Rent a boat in Fuengirola. 


Exploring the Stunning Waters!


Fuengirola is a large Spanish city on Costa del Sol; a town in Andalusia located in Southern Spain.

It is a famous tourist spot with a lot of attractions that make it a ‘must-see.’ From the worth-exploring sites, picturesque beaches, to the culture and traditions it holds; everything is worth a watch! The city has about 8km of beaches, and a subtropical Mediterranean climate. It also has a historical heritage; thus, a perfect place to satisfy the inner historian in you!

The easiest way to reach Fuengirola is by air. You may catch a flight from your country to the nearest airport.


Renting a boat in Fuengirola


The city, having many beaches, is a perfect place to explore the beautiful and scenic sea. To do so, renting or a chartering a boat is truly a magnificent option for this. Acknowledging this, boat rentals in Fuengirola in Spain offer various boats to visitors and residents.

By availing these offers, you can have a wonderful experience for there are a number of places that require a boat to be unravelled.

A wide array of boats is available to be rented or chartered. This means that you can choose from a range of prices, capacities, designs, and types. From private sailing boats, motorboats, catamaran, to luxurious and comfortable yachts; you can take whatever you desire for. But do you know there is something even more special and unique? Fully equipped fishing boats to satisfy your interest in fishing are also on the table! You can easily rent them and go out and fish. Truly amazing, don’t you think?

For traditional fun, special Spanish wooden boats are also available. These wooden boats can host a large number of people, and hence, take batches of people. These can also be used to enjoy or throw parties! It also provides you with an excellent opportunity to socialize with people and make the most of your time in Fuengirola. 

Catamarans are also available as a rental option. You may hire one and spend long hours in water. As a matter of spending more time in the sea, sailboats especially private ones are recommended. You may charter or rent them, and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

For the speed lovers out there; speedboats and motorboats are available as rental options for an exhilarating and adventurous time. Indeed, the best choice to satisfy your need for speed! These speedboats and motorboats have a high-end performance and have a high speed. The speedboats can even take 360 turns making your ride even more thrilling.

Generally, a captain and a crew are there with you on these boats all the time. They are there to make sure you have an unforgettable experience, and for your safety as well! However, if you wish to travel through the waters on your own, all boats are available for self- manual. However, a condition is there for this. You need a special license is needed to be eligible to rent a boat without a captain and a crew.

All these boats can be hired for a day, some hours, and even days. The prices these all are rented on also vary. Most of the times for most boats, the prices are found to be adequate and budget-friendly. However, the luxurious yachts tend to be a bit expensive.

Other than travelling purposes, boats and all these water vehicles can also be hired or booked for water sports and boating events.

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