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Boat Rental Saint-Raphaël & Yacht Charter

Rent a skippered or bareboat in Saint-Raphaël

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Rent a boat in Saint-Raphaël


Saint Raphael, France


Situated on the Cote-d’Azur, the town of Saint Raphael lies on the stretch of coastline named The French Riviera. Albeit its small population of 34,000, it is a lively seaside town nestled between the towns of Frejus, Cannes, and St. Tropez. The town itself is well-maintained. It has a small harbour which is surrounded by beaches from both sides. It stands in the shadow of the beautifully rigged hills of Massif des Maures.

Saint Raphael has a rich history dating back to 2000 years. There has been evidence found that show that this little coastal town was a popular destination where the rich Romans frequented. They used this place as a getaway to relax in the summers.

Currently, Saint Raphael is a favourite amongst all the towns situated along the Cote-d’ Azur. With 36 kilometres of coastline, the town has a total of 30 beaches. Another unique attraction of the town is the coastal path that leads to the volcanic mountain range of Esterel Massif.

The town is planned in such a way that gives a very welcoming and hospitable feel. The oldest building in town goes all the way back to the 12th century. It is the church of Saint-Raphael (Eglise San Rafeu). Aside from the Romans, there were also signs found by archaeologists that show the prehistoric and ancient Greek occupation.

Adding to the welcoming and homely feel is the food market at Place Victor Hugo and Place de la Republique. It is also home to many famous artistic personalities namely Victor Hugo, Georges Sand, Guy de Maupassant, Frederic Mistral, and Alexandre Dumas. All these names add greatly to the cultural heritage as well as the rich history of the town.

All in all, if you're looking for a spot to relax, Saint Raphael is the perfect spot for you.


Boat Rentals in Saint Raphael


Saint Raphael has 30 beaches in total. These beaches provide a good variety of fine sandy beaches, pebble beaches, and rocky beaches. This, in turn, creates many opportunities for enjoyment and what better place to enjoy than the Mediterranean?

Although the town is fairly small in size, it has many outlets that provide boat rentals.  You can pick from private tours that that take you around the Mediterranean. You can also charter a wide assortment of vessels from fishing boats, to yachts, to motor boats and many others.

If you're the sporty type or just enjoy the feeling of sheer thrill, then you can rent jet skis or speedboats. Mostly, these boats will come accompanied by a skipper, but you can opt to charter a boat without one although it is highly recommended that you choose the option with a skipper. This way, you can enjoy without having to worry about routes or navigation. It is also optimal for your safety as they can better give guidelines and assist you with the equipment.

Another option that is popular among many tourists is kayaking and canoeing. You will find various offers and deals for renting kayaks and canoes. You can go with groups or go solo. You can also easily find renting companies that will take you diving and snorkelling. Again, all the boats come in optimal conditions and proper equipment.

You can also rent day tours to relax and relieve stress and relax. Here also you can choose different offers. If you want something even more luxurious, then you can go for a package with lunch and entertainment included. Houseboats are also available for rent. If your plan is to get away from the population, you can spend a day or two out in the Mediterranean.

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