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Explore Vannes 

The gorgeous town of Vannes in France is situated on the Gulf of Morhiban. It lies at the opening of two rivers, namely Marle and Vincin.

This walled town is a must-visit tourist place with gorgeous sights and ethereal scenery. The medieval streets, harbor-side lunches, and boat trips are what makes trips to Vannes extremely enjoyable.

Vannes has a whopping total of 272 historic monuments. The walls on its own, are a sight to behold! The city has a barrier of powerful gates and towers.

Cobbled streets, enter squares and timber houses are what mainly constitute Vannes. It has a historic feel of the 1400s and 1500s and is also a great place to visit when you’re with children. Vannes has a massive aquarium with an array of tropical fish. The town also has the Jardin aux Papillons which is a glass-domed area with various kinds of vegetation. The dome has hundreds of pretty, colourful butterflies.

The Gulf of Morhiban has 42 islands and beautiful, clear water. A boat tour is what helps tourists enjoy the real beauty of this mesmerizing town.

Towards the south of the town, is the Conleau Peninsula. This region has a nice beach and clear waters. This only calls for sun-bathing on beaches and sailing in clear waters, both of which are extremely popular activities in Vannes.

The love for the gorgeous sea that surrounds Vannes is what makes cruising, surfing, and water-hiking a favorite amongst everyone who visits. It’s only sad if tourists fail to enjoy the surreal beauty of Vannes through boat tours.


Boat Rental Vannes


You can easily rent boats with or without captains, for sightseeing in Vannes with SamBoat. You can choose from an array of luxury yachts such as sailboats, motor yacht, RIB, catamaran, sail yacht, and houseboats.

Rent a boat in Vannes that allows you to sightsee its beauty from clear waters. Privacy allows families to enjoy the tour, even better. Some islands that can be seen are owned by celebrities such as Île aux Moines and Île d’Arz. Apart from this, is the island of Gavrinis which is one of the most breathtaking sites. Its passageway is decorated with carvings.

There are plenty of boat rental companies that allow you to hire a boat in Vannes. They can be contacted directly or online. Many individuals offer boats for rent at very cheap prices. Also, allows tourists to enjoy water sports and boating together! You can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. No matter how big your group of friends or family is, there is a boat for everyone.

Not only are there a variety of boats to choose from, but there are also various sizes and models that best suit your taste. The best part is, you can also basically choose to stay on the cruise for a day or two. Eat, sleep and enjoy cruising to the maximum.


If you’re worried your stay is too short, then worry not! Loads of companies offer shorter trips but with the complete package. You can sightsee all monuments, walls, and islands in a shorter time span. These packages prevent you from missing out on anything, worth seeing.

No doubt, cruising is one of the most popular tourist activities. Not only are there tons of options in boats and renting packages, but there is also the option of selecting how long you want your this trip to be. Enjoying water-based activities is a bonus! Water-hiking and walks along the beach are just as pleasant.

So, no matter what you do, we suggest you don’t miss out on a boat trip! Rent a boat in Vannes

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