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5 locations - 3 741 € gagnés

Au début, j’étais un peu réticent à l’idée de laisser mon bateau à des inconnus, puis sur conseil d’un ami je me suis lancé et je ne regrette pas: les locataires sont compétents et l'assurance est incluse.

5 rental - £3 741 earned

I was a bit reluctant to let a stranger sail with my boat at first and I got convinced by a friend to do it. I have no regrets so far, the renters are skilled and my insurance covers it all.

4 rentals - £4 700 earned

A great concept allowing me to reduce my boat expenditures. I can keep my boat, my family is happy, its all for the best.

11 Rentals - £8 200 earned

I was about to sell my boat because it was too expensive to maintain and I discovered Samboat's concept. Now my boat related costs are breaking even with the incomes.

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In the end of the booking, make sure everything is fine and do a full inventory. Leave a comment about your renter, this will help all the other owners.

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