Rent a Fountaine Pajot

Rent a Fountaine Pajot

Rent a Fountaine Pajot


Founded in 1976, Fountaine Pajot is French company that specialises in the building of luxury sailing and motor catamarans. To date, it is one of the most famous catamaran manufacturers in the world. The shipyard was founded by two sailors, Yves Pajot and Jean-Francois Fountaine, who won medals at the Olympic Games in the 1970s. At the beginning, the brand specialised in light dinghies, then in windsurfing and finally went into the construction of catamarans in 1983. The brand launched its first cruising catamaran in 1983 and its first motor catamaran in 1983. Mindful of the environmental impact of their boats, the brand has developed the Eco Cruising concept, which drastically reduces the eco footprint of power catamarans.


Fountaine Pajot uses very distinct features in the way they design and manufacture their boats. In regards to their design, they are very easily identified due to the lines that have been worked on down to the very last detail. It is that attention to detail that allows them to fully maximize stability and comfort.


When you rent a boat for a few days or even weeks, comfort becomes an essential factor in choosing the ideal boat. This boat builder is aware of this and this became central to the design of the catamarans. For example, some of the models come with a panoramic view of the outside from the main living area, several windows and an open kitchen plan. While the interior is well suited for comfort, the exterior comes with several amenities to match the relaxation.


This comfort is synonymous with the quality of the construction. Like many European manufacturers, Fountiane Pajot uses injection technique using high-tech machines. This injection technique, called RMT injection, guarantees that the shipyard produces the lightest possible hulls, while optimizing the stability and quality of the composite used. With these injection techniques combined with the production line allows the brand to produce several hundred catamarans per year. In 2009, more than 180 catamarans left the production lines. This production capacity allows the brand to claim a leading position in the catamaran world.


Along with its production capabilities, Fountaine Pajot has developed a network of dealers all over the world. This ensures customers the ability to rent a catamaran around the world in the most popular sailing destinations. Each dealer monitors the boats throughout their life cycle ensuring top quality control. This monitoring guarantees a quality boat at every rental.


The French manufacturer has managed to adapt to the rapidly changing world of yachting by dedicating a large part of its resources to innovation. This innovation can be technical, but also in the way the boats are offered. For example, recently the brand has opened its own yacht club, which allows club members to rent a sailing or motor catamaran at any of its bases.


If you choose to rent a Fountaine Pajot, you will have several choices to choose from. Starting at 40ft, you will be sure to find the right boat for your vacation. Among the models in the sailing catamaran lines are the Lucia 40, Astrea 42, New 45, Saona 47, Saba 50, Ipanema 58 and Alegria 67. In the motorised line, Fountaine Pajot offers the My 37, My 40 and My 44.


At 40ft, the Lucia 40 Catamaran has an elegant and contemporary design. It gives you a sporty and more than pleasant navigation. The Astrea 42 also offers a bright, spacious and comfortable interior and a fluidity to its navigation. The New 45 is a spacious, bright luxury catamaran. Its particularity is to have a certain ease of handling, while being very efficient. The Saona 47 offers higher levels of comfort. This boat is very efficient and has a good balance allowing comfortable navigation. The Saba 50, voted the Best Boat of the Year, has six cabins and a suite. It is perfect for weekly charters.

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