5 reasons to set sail to Sardinia

By Kanika Dabra - April 18, 2018

5 reasons to set sail to Sardinia

  • Cata Coticcio nicknamed Tahiti Bay
  • Alghero the relaxing spot
  • Cala Goloritzé, the most amazing cove
  • Cagliari, the sailing hub
  • Costa Esmeralda, Sardinia’s gem

Sardinia, second biggest island located in the mediterranean sea, is well-known for its stunning scenery, its amazing cuisine and fancy residents. One thing for sure is that Sardinia is a huge playground for boat-lovers and cruisers of all skills – either for a day on the water or an entire week of sailing.

While the north of the island is a more popular area -hence, more crowded during summer, the south is aimed at sailors as it requires a greater expertise level. Landscape speaking, each area is rich with lovely beaches and unspoiled coasts. One of the main advantages of sailing around Sardinia is that you’ll experience and see theses places from a particular panorama

And if the promises of clear crystal water, warm weather and amazing anchorage spots haven’t hooked you yet, we selected 5 reasons for boating in Sardinia to convince you.


Cala Coticcio aka tahiti bay

If this name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe its nickname does : Tahiti Bay. Located in the northeast of Sardinia, Cala Coticcio is a gem among the Maddalena Archipelago. Once over there you can expect white fine sand, turquoise water and rose-coloured cliffs. Who needs to travel to the other of the world when you have such kind of landscape in the mediterranean sea.

Some areas on the Archipel are prohibited, then we would recommend asking to the nearest tourism office, they will tell you where you are allowed to sail in the national park.

Alghero the relaxing spot

Picturesque port, Alghero is a calm and relaxing city. The ideal destination for mooring a few days and explore the surroundings. Amazing beaches nearby makes it a perfect. The dock has some of the finest restaurants. For history buffer among us, a charming old town under an architectural Catalan influence awaits you.

Sometimes called “little Barcelona”, Alghero has also a kind of a “Ramblas” driving to the biggest beach, north of the city.

To put it in a nutshell, Alghero is the perfect base camp for relaxing days and discover Sardinia’s way of life.

Cala Goloritzé, the most beautiful cove

Close your eyes and imagine a steep and rocky coast with a mount shapped like a pyramid covered by a green oak tree forest. At the bottom of the cliff, a small beach with white pebbles and clear water. All in all, a sense of untouched panorama where nature reigns.

This is cala goloritzé. Officialy a Italian National Monument, this cove is the most beautiful in Sardinia. Only accessible by boat or by foot (but after a long hike), this is a magical place. Sailing around Cala Goloritzé will make you feel particularly lucky.

Cherry on top, the majestic Eleonore falcon, a rare specie, has made this area its home.

Cagliari, the sailing hub

Capital of the italian island, Cagliari is a city rich in history and it is worth to moor the boat for a day or two. There is a splendid old citadel to visit ! Even if this is the biggest city of Sardinia with more than 250.000 habitants, the city feel untouched and provides a great feeling of authenticity.

Coming by the sea your first impression might not be that great as the view for a yacht sailing is blocked. However, once in the harbour, you’ll see what Cagliari is made of.

Costa Emeralda, SArdinia’s gem

Last but not least, Costa Esmeralda might be considered as the crown of Sardinia. It is such a pleasure to navigate in this area that you would wish to never have to leave your boat. Porto Cervo, the heart of this area is the place where celebrities hang out! Get ready to spot millionaires,  stars and superyachts. It can get a little crowded during summer but this place is definitely worth to visit.

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