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Renting a Boat in Athens


In Greece, Athens is one of the most popular departure points for chartering a yacht. With it's perfect location geographically, renting a boat in Athens gives you the perfect start for a completely personalised itinerary. When island hopping, leave from the Athens marina and you'll have endless possibilities. 


Pricing and Information for renting a boat in Athens


The high period in Athens runs typically from May to mid-September. During this period, you'll have incredible weather and calm waters. Because of this, we recommend to book well in advance if your plan is to charter a sailboat or catamaran. Depending on your experience, you can charter a yacht with a skipper or as a bareboat. In Greece, you will need to have a license and previous experience. It is advised to have an ICC, but it is not mandatory. If you want to rent a motorboat, you'll need a license for boats exceeding 30hp. 


In terms of pricing, you'll have a wide range of options available depending on your budget. For yacht charters during the high season, you can expect to pay 400€ a day on average for a catamaran and 300€ for a sailboat. If you would like to go for a motor boat rental in Greece, the possibilities are endless and the price range is much wider. 


Boat Availability in Athens


Due to the high demand in Athens, we highly recommend to book and plan your trip well in advance. For yacht charters, a majority of the fleet is already booked by early March (approximately 60%) and the inventory only decreases until the high season. For bookings from May to September, ideally you need to start the search in December or January to assure you find the boat of your dreams. 


Overview of Athens


Athens, known as one of the oldest cities in the world and as the cradle of western civilisation, is a destination that is culturally rich with subtle touches of modern flare. In its recent history, Greece has struggled due to several factors, but is now bouncing back with its relentless fighting spirit. Supporting the local economy provides another reason to justify the long overdue vacation you’ve been meaning to take. Along with this, Athens boasts beautiful, translucent waters which makes it the perfect destination for every sailor.


On land, uncover the gastronomical treasures of Athens. While preserving their long-standing recipes with local ingredients, restaurants in the area have been able to find the perfect mix between tradition and creativity. In this city of the Attica region, you will have no problem finding a world renowned restaurant specialising in both the local and international cuisine.


Carrying the motif of the city is the exceptional nightlife that exists throughout the historic streets. The rising popularity of the nightlife in Athens is partly due to the abundance of rooftop bars with master mixologists overlooking historical sights, like the Acropolis. If this is your first time in Greece, be sure to take the traditional route and have an ouzo or a raki, the most popular drinks of the locals.


Boat Hire in Athens 


Once you have taken in the beauty, history and sights of Athens, there are several destinations to choose from that are easy to navigate to. Sail to one of the neighboring cities to admire their views and own distinct stories. Hydra will stun you with the abundance of marble, make your way to Poros for a romantic getaway, or get lost in Aegina with its neoclassical buildings and relaxing beaches. Not far from Poros, you have the beautiful city of Zakynthos. Zakynthos has been on every tourists radar this year and we highly suggest taking your sailboat to Zakynthos. Apart from the beauty of Athens, it is the perfect place to depart for your charter. For example, sail to the Cyclades and spend a week getting to know the beautiful collection of islands. 


Renting a boat in Athens will provide a memorable experience and will give you the opportunity to visit the incredible neighboring regions. If you're not wanting to go as far as the Cyclades, you can rent a boat and go to Poros for a few days. Another great trip is taking a catamaran charter to Mykonos to discover the diverse island. Here, you'll find the perfect mix of history, beauty and a thriving nightlife. 

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