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Renting a boat in Greece 


You can charter a yacht in Greece and explore all of the surroundings and the copious amounts of islands. Whether you want to charter from Athens or from one of the famous islands, hire a motorboat, sailboat or catamaran as a bareboat or with skipper. When renting a sailboat or motorboat, you’ll have the choice to see Greece by water on the Aegean Sea on the eastern part, the Ionian Sea on the western shore, and the Sea of Crete and Mediterranean directly to the south.


Greece, located on the southern tip of the Balkan peninsula, has common borders with Albania on the northwest, Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria directly to the north, and Turkey on the furthest eastern point. The geographical diversity of where Greece stands is not just by land, but also by sea. Greece has always been considered a sailors paradise due to the perfect weather and the island hopping that is available. With several departure points, Greece has endless possibilities when it comes to exploring the sea, so the best way to see everything is to book a boat!


Pricing and Information on hiring a boat in Greece 


In Greece, the long stretches of coast give you several dimensions of sailing allowing you to have more options when it comes to where you'd like to rent. Greece has always been well known as having several popular ports spread widely around the country. The sailing season in Greece is normally really standard starting in April and running into October. With tourist season, you will have to keep in mind that July and August will be the busiest months of the year. 


Due to the difference in sailing areas, the price can vary depending on your project. In general, the highest prices for rentals start at the end of June and go into the end of August. During this high period, the pricing may be higher due to the demand and favorable weather conditions. On average, you can expect to pay on average 500€ a day for a catamaran charter and 400€ for a sailboat. For lower price points, boat rentals drop dramatically at the end of September. For motorboats, it is best to sort by the type of project you are interested in. Since Greece offers plenty of activities on motorboats, you will be able to find a boat in every budget. Usually, you can find motorboats starting at 150€ per day. 


Boat Availability 


For sailors globally, Greece has always been one of the top destinations for yacht charters and boat rentals. If you're looking for a weekly charter in Mykonos or one of the other popular ports like Athens, Lefkas or if you'd like to depart from one of the Cyclades, you will have to book the boat well in advance. On average, more than 50% of the charters for Greece are already booked by March and more than 75% by the beginning of May. At SamBoat, we advise that you define your project and book a boat as early as possible. In some instances, you can book closer to the date of departure depending on the port, but the inventory decreases. 


For day boats, the functioning is a bit different. Usually for motorboats rented for one day, the recommended time period to book is 2 to 3 months to ensure availability. 


Do you need a license to charter a yacht in Greece?


Depending on what type of boat you would like to rent, there are different pieces of legislation for each. If you are looking to hire a motorboat, a license is required if the boat has more than 30hp, if less, no license is needed. If would like to charter a yacht, you will need a valid license as well as a nautical CV detailing the previous boats you captained as well as the different waters you navigated. 


If you are new to sailing or do not hold a license, you don't have to rent a bareboat. Most of the boats in Greece are available with skipper so this would be a perfect option for you. 


Overview of Greece


With turquoise, crystal clear water and the Mediterranean sun, nautical tourism is highly present all over Greece. Among the most prominent spots for nautical sports are Athens, Lefkada, Naxos, Kos, Skiathos and Rhodes just to name a few. If you're looking to explore as much as Greece as possible, we recommend renting a boat in Corfu and exploring the Ionian Sea. The islands in Greece are filled with rich history and beauty and would provide an ideal escape. Sail to any of the islands and experience the unspoiled beauty that awaits. 


A longstanding tradition of the country is its dedication to the culinary arts. Be sure to taste a wide variety of the Mediterranean cuisine including moussaka, pastitsio, a traditional greek salad with feta, or the most popular street food, souvlaki. The best way to sample the local cuisine is by going out for a mezethes, which are a local tradition of combining a social outing with a taste of the local culture. You’ll pair the food perfectly with a retsina, an ouzo or a metaxa. There is no better way to end the outing than dropping anchor and watching a stunning Greek sunset. One of the best places to admire a perfect sunset and admire historic sites is dropping anchor on a yacht charter in Santorini


Some of the most popular destinations in Greece are among the islands. A popular departure point for a boat rental is Zakynthos, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. Zakynthos has some of the most beautiful beaches alongside the classic whitewashed buildings and historic sites. 


If you want some incredible sailing tips and insights about Greece, we invite you to visit our blog where you can find sailing itineraries in Greece. They are perfect if you want some inspiration before heading to your boating holidays in the Aegean sea.

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