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Boat rental in Barcelona


The beautiful, culturally rich city of Barcelona also has perfect climate the majority of the year lending itself to being a prime spot to sail. The winters are mild and the summer temperatures are warm, but always the right for navigating with the average annual temperature at16.5°C. With this temperature, any time of the year is good for traveling to Barcelona!


There is as much to be discovered in the waters as there is in the inner city. Take advantage of the beach with a day boat rental in Barcelona and explroe numerous museums, and copious amounts of restaurants and tapas bars. Stop at the historic neighborhood of Las Ramblas and sample some of the delicious culinary delights. When the night arrives, a party atmosphere is instantly felt. Bars, discos, concerts all come to life in the heart of the city.


Near Barcelona, there are wonderful coves that are perfect to discover by sea. Hire a boat in Barcelona and make sure to explore the area properly. If you have no experience sailing, you can rent a boat with a skipper to fully take in the sights or go without a skipper and sail along the coast of Barcelona. Discover the Costa Brava or the Costa Dorada to the south. With the full mediterranean charm and being situated perfectly between sea and mountains, the area is best discovered by boat. This city has been at the center of several international events such as the Olympic Games in 1992 and and the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures. These events just confirm the significance and stance as an important cultural, financial, tourist, and commercial center. The unique aspect of Barcelona is that it draws from its history, but also incorporates aspects of a truly modern city.


Best time to sail in Barcelona


When chartering a yacht in Barcelona, the weather follows that of the Mediterrenean. Typically the high season starts in May and will go typically into late September. During this period, the winds are typically calm and the weather is nice and warm. Like any highseason, the downside is that there will be plenty of tourists, which will cover the beaches. The good thing is that a boat will allow you to access the beaches and coves only accessible by boat. 


Price and Boat Availability 


If your looking to charter a yacht, you will have to book well in advance for the high season. If you're looking to book outside of the May to September period, then the timing will be much different. Usually with the high demand, we suggest looking into a boat starting in November to ensure that you get the boat you would like to sail in. By March, about 45% of the fleet is already booked so planning well in advance is a good choice. For yacht charters, the price for a catamaran is on average 500€ a day with sailboats being a bit cheaper at 300€ a day on average. 


If you're looking to go out for a day with a motorboat or rib, your planning period can be a bit less. For motorboats, the price range will be a bit different. Since the range can be from fishing boats to luxury yachts, the best option is to plan out your project and sort by your necessities. 


Do you need a license to rent a boat in Barcelona? 


When renting a boat in Barcelona, there are different factors that will dictate whether you need a license or not. If you're renting  a motorboat with more than 15hp and more than 4 meters in length, you will need a license. For sailboats, if the boat is bigger than 5 meters, you will need a license as well. 


When chartering a yacht in Spain, it is recommended to have your ICC, but it is not mandatory. In general, you will need to present your license as well as a document stating your previous experience in regards to destination and type of boats. 


If you do not have a license, you can easily rent a boat with a skipper. If you are looking to increase your knowledge of sailing or want to have a stress free vacation, then this is the perfect option. Another great aspect of hiring a skipper is that they are very knowleadgeable of the region. In Barcelona, you can be assured that the skipper will know the best routes and will also show you some of the hidden gems of the region. 




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