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Overview of Biograd Na Moru


Sitting majestically in the northern Dalmatia region, Biograd Na Moru is the tourist destination that every sailing enthusiast dreams of visiting. Flanked by two bays, this beautiful city has so much to offer to its visitors. 


In medieval times, Biograd was the capital of a Croatian Kingdom. Naturally, there are plenty of historical sites to visit and ancient architecture to admire. Aside from the historical importance it holds, it is also well known for its beaches, enchanting pine forests, nightlife, and local cuisine. 

Sailing options in Biograd Na Moru

Rent a boat in Biograd Na Moru and set off sailing to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. There is so much to see and nothing is beyond your reach with the right choice of boat. When boating around Biograd, you will have the option of choosing motorboats, RIBs, sailboats, catamarans, houseboats, and yachts to see the various wonderful tourist spots that Biograd Na Moru has to offer. 


If a sailboat is your choice of boat, then you have several choices. With a wide selection, the prices of sailboats averages to about 200€ per day. 

Catamarans have become a particular favorite of many tourists. If you prefer the stability of a catamaran, you can hire one on average for 400€ per day. 


When the heart craves something special, you know it’s time to charter a yacht in Biograd Na Moru and go exploring the many islands surrounding the city. If you're worried about your sailing experience or have never sailed before, you can rent a boat with a skipper. This will provide a stress free vacation as the skipper will be in charge of captaining the boat on his own. Of course, if you have the correct boating license, VHF, and experience, you can rent a bareboat. Otherwise, booking a boat with a skipper is the right option. 


If you want to stay close to the port of Biograd, there are several RIBs and motorboats. RIB rentals start at 94€ a day.

When to go sailing in Biograd Na Moru?


The region offers sailing enthusiasts the best conditions for a holiday at sea. The tourists are greeted with sunny days and warm waters for the most part of the year. 


If you want to visit the city when the conditions for sailing are best, then mark these months on the calendar – April to October. Biograd Na Moru is hottest in the months of July and August (25 degrees Celsius). The preceding months – from April to June – are the beginning of the peak season. The temperature is milder during this period (15 to 20 degrees Celsius). The months of September and October see a slight drop in temperature (20 to 24 degrees Celsius) and moderate rainfall. 

Biograd and the adjoining Adriatic Sea are conducive for sailing throughout the summer. During this period the tides are gentle, currents are slight, and winds moderate and helpful. Tourists in general and sailing enthusiasts, in particular, are advised to watch out for the strong northeasterly wind Bora. Before you rent a boat, check the weather forecast and sailing conditions. 


Regarding mooring, except for certain protected areas, it is permitted in most parts of the Biograd coastline and the nearby islands. You’ll find scores of anchoring buoys and you can also tie the boat to a buoy for free. There are mooring buoys at the Opat, Suha Punta, Levrnaka, and Vruljen Sipnate bays. Bear in mind that some areas of the coast and nearby islands are known to have rocky bottoms. In addition, navigating through islets, promontories, and reefs is quite a challenge. Hence, if you plan to venture into these areas it’s best to avail a boat with a skipper. 


How to reach Biograd Na Moru?


Several flights from most major European cities and other parts of the world reach Zadar and Split Airport – the two closest airports to the city. The Split International Airport is about 100km from the tourist city, while the Zadar Airport is just 28km away. 

From the airport terminal in Zadar, you can use the airport bus to reach the train or bus station, which should take you to the city. 


To explore the city and the nearby areas you could use a bus, private taxi, or a boat. The city is blessed with several public and private transport services. Several buses run to and from Zadar, Split, Sibenik, Pula, Rijeka, and Zagreb. 


Tourists can also use a ferry service to reach Zadar from Biograd. The hundreds of small islands that protect the city from strong winds are equally popular among the tourists. 


Things to do in Biograd Na Moru


There are hundreds of islands in the Adriatic Sea and a large number of them are concentrated near the city. Tourists who are fond of island hopping will have a great time exploring one after the other. Take our advice; begin with the islands of Sveta Katarina and Planac, both are quite close to your tourist destination. 


Your sailing holiday is incomplete without swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea. For tourists who are sailing enthusiasts, the Biograd Boat Show in autumn and the boat races during winter are a must-visit. 

There is no point in using the road when you can hire a boat in Biograd Na Moru as it is not too far from other vibrant coastal towns of Nin and Zadar. Use your boat and travel from city to city, including Nin and Zadar to enjoy the cathedrals, stone bridges, and nightlife. 


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A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 77615 reviews

Peter was very helpful and professional, If you like to rent a boat He is the guy you should see!

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