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A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 93462 reviews
Maria Joao

Amazing afternoon with Victor! Will definitely repeat!


We had a really great day. Ruben and Gabriel were really lovely and provided a perfect day for us. The boat was beautiful. Would definitely do the trip again!

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Rent a boat with or without skipper in Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain

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Renting a Boat in Formentera 


Formentera is the smallest island in the Balearic archipelago in Spain, located south to Ibiza. At only 20 km long, the island boasts some of the most beautiful coves in Europe and a perfect place to get away from it all. The port of Formentera is situated perfectly in the village of La Savina, which has direct access to the points of interest of the rest of the island that is best visited by bicycle or motorbike.


As the island is a calmer and less crowded island compared to its neighbor Ibiza and a very idyllic destination for a daytrip or boat charter in Formentera. There is no surprise that Formentra is a very popular sailing destination as the island is full of beautiful natural landscapes.


How much does it cost to hire a boat in Formentera?


The cost of renting a boat depends on the season you are planning to visit Formentera. As the demand increases in that region in the summer, the prices naturally go up. And prices are slightly lower from April to June and from September to October. If you are planning a yacht charter in Formentera, you can expect to pay around 200€/day for a sailboat and around 400€/day for a catamaran. 


When it comes to renting a motor boat for a day, the price will depend on the size and type of boat you rent. Generally speaking, you can find a motor boat from around 150€/day. After knowing your project and activities the choice is all yours! You will surely find an ideal boat that suits your plans! 


Boat availability in Formentera 


The island of Formentera enjoys an excellent, Mediterranean climate with hot and sunny summers and mild winters. The benefit of this climate is that tourists can visit the island from May all the way until October. If you wish to avoid the crowd during summer, there are excellent sailing conditions in May, September and October too. 


We highly recommend booking a few months in advance if you are planning a boat charter in Formentera. Given the popularity of the island, it is better to book early to guarantee the best boats. Even for quick day trips on a motor boat, book a few weeks prior to your holiday to find a boat that suits your desired activities. No matter if you’d like to do water sports or just sail along the coast, you will find the most ideal boat for your needs!  


Do I need a licence to charter a boat in Formentera?


If you’d like to rent a boat in Formentera, definitely check the Spanish regulations whether you need a boating license or not. Luckily, there are only two cases when a license is mandatory, otherwise it’s allowed to rent without a license. Keep in mind that if you rent a sailboat, you will definitely need to have a valid boating license, if the boat is longer than 5 meters. When it comes to renting a motor boat, be careful to check whether the boat is more than 15hp and longer than 4meters, because you will need a license then. Any other case, you are eligible to rent without. 


Don't stress if you don’t have the mandatory documents or you don’t feel comfortable renting a bareboat and driving. In Formentera, you can rent a boat with a local skipper that can deal with the driving and you can just relax. Moreover, the added benefit of having a local skipper is their knowledge about the island and the area. They can navigate you around secret spots, telling stories about the area and showing you places that you would never see any other way. It can surely make your holiday a special one. 


Overview of Formentera


Formentera is part of the Spanish Balearic Islands that are located in the Mediterranean, eastern to the Spanish mainland. The group of islands are one of the most popular and well-famous holiday destinations that are very rich in stunning beaches, lively atmosphere and activities to do. Even though Formentera is the smallest island in the archipelago it still offers many beautiful things to the tourists.


Since Formentera is the complete opposite of some of the other Balearic Islands such as Ibiza, we highly recommend taking in the sun at one of its relaxing, quiet beaches. Unspoilt beaches, clear waters, calm atmosphere, Formentera is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday or taking a break. Throw your towel down at Migjorn, Illetes, or Llevant. The gorgeous scenery and perfectly creamy white sand will make it your dream vacation.


We highly recommend visiting the other Balearic islands such as sailing to Ibiza, Mallorca or Palma after renting a boat. You can plan a very full itinerary in the region that will definitely become one of the best sailing holidays you have been on. A yacht charter to Majorca is the perfect itinerary if you're planning on staying on holidays for more than a day. Alternatively, you can also take your sailboat to Menorca


Practical information about sailing in Formentera 


As the island doesn’t have an international airport, the only way to reach Formentera is by boat and ferry. Depending on your travel plans, you take a boat from the Spanish mainland for example from Barcelona or Valencia to Ibiza. And from the neighboring island Ibiza a ferry ride to Formentera. The ferry rides are more frequent during the high season. One of the most popular things to do for sailors is to land in Formentera and then take your boat to Ibiza for a short vacation. 


Also, if your plans involve visiting the other Balearic islands too, you can fly directly to Ibiza, which has an international airport and then take a ferry or a yacht rental to Formentera. 


A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 93462 reviews
Maria Joao

Amazing afternoon with Victor! Will definitely repeat!


We had a really great day. Ruben and Gabriel were really lovely and provided a perfect day for us. The boat was beautiful. Would definitely do the trip again!