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Boat Rental Fréjus & Yacht Charter

Rent a skippered or bareboat in Fréjus

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Rent a boat in Fréjus. 


Sightseeing on the Water


Frejus, formerly named Forum Julli, is the town where Julius Caesar had established a naval base in around 50 BCE. It is situated on the coastal route between Ste Maxime and Cannes. It started off as a small agricultural village. The agricultural aspect is still alive today as Frejus is a hub for producing, marketing and the distribution of wines, fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Other than an agricultural town Frejus is an extremely popular destination for tourists. The town hosts a variety of historical monuments. These monuments include amphitheatres dating back to the 1st or 2nd century, the cathedral of Norte Dame with a 5th-century baptistery, Frejus Aqueduct, Malpasset dam. This dam was the reason for destruction in the city when it collapsed in 1959 causing the entire city to be flooded.

The town also has a rich artistic background. It was home to the Roman poet Gaius Cornelius Gallus, the French Revolutionary statesman Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès (1748) and the Roman general Gnaeus Julius Agricola. Another reason for Frejus’s popularity is the weather. All through the year, the weather in the city remains pleasant with temperatures peaking in the months of June and July. However, the temperatures rarely cross 30 degrees. 

Other than all the historical and artistic value that the city holds, Frejus has a very relaxing atmosphere. The beautiful narrow streets and local delicacies like honey, truffles, olive oil, and wine alleviate all the stress built-up in the mind and body. Another outlet for relaxation is the glorious beaches.

With a total of eight beaches, there are many activities that one can enjoy. Simple walks on the beach, bathing in the sea water, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, fishing and coastal shipping are just some of the excursions you can partake in. With so many water-based activities, the town is the perfect stop for those looking for relief from the summer heat.

Throughout the year, the town hosts many artistic and athletic events such as the short film festival, storytelling festival, Auréliennes Nights Theatre Festival, Roc d'Azur marathon which is a famous mountain bike race event, Trophy Port Frejus and many more.


Boat Rental in Frejus.


Frejus is definitely not a location that you can miss. Although all the attractions in the city are impeccable, the sea remains uncontested. With a yachting harbour of its own, it is convenient to find a yacht charter for any price. You can charter a luxurious yacht or rent a boat in Frejus and enjoy yourself on the Mediterranean.

To make the best of your trip, you will be facilitated with a skipper who can help and guide you through the amazing sights and surroundings of the area. You can also choose the gear and accommodations of the vessel to suit your liking.

However, a yacht is not the only option available. You can pick from a wide collection of vessels and different activities. From speedboats to barges to sailboats and motorboats, the Frejus port provides various options for boat rentals. You can even rent habitable boats for several days. This can provide for the perfect time off to regain and recapture from all your exhaustion. You can also opt for a motorboat to getaway to Baumette beach for water sports like paddle boarding, windsurfing and much more. You can also rent boats to discover the creeks and coves of the area at your leisure. You can take in the stunning view of the great Massif de l'Esterel mountains and its red rocks too.

Other options for rentals include longer trips to Cannes via cruise where you can spend your time unwinding; complete with services of a crew, breakfast, and lunch. 

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