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Boat Rental Antibes & Yacht Charter

Rent a skippered or bareboat in Antibes

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Rent a boat from private individuals in Antibes with SamBoat


Hire a Boat in Antibes for your Next Trip!


Antibes is a small resort found in the Riviera snuggled between Nice and Canes, France. Famous for its luxurious and relaxing beaches, Antibes can be home to those who are looking for a calm and traditional environment. The town offers vintage yet beautiful markets and cafes which can be your refuge while resting, as the main transport for traveling within the city is to walk. There are plenty of old ice-cream parlors, boutiques, and bars, and the ever-present wafts of delicious, mouthwatering food from passing carts.

One of the primary attractions of Antibes is that it houses one of the most famous painters to ever walk the earth, Pablo Picasso. Antibes is the go-to for all aspiring painters and the loyal fans of the great painter, who come from different countries and from all walks of life to witness first-hand the streets that Picasso walked through and the scandals that he left behind.

Picasso has left such a huge footprint behind in Antibes, that the castle which Picasso used as his art studio has been transformed into the first art museum dedicated to the ingenious painter. It holds 245 of Picasso’s paintings and sculptures collected from throughout the world. Picasso’s tower rises high above all the villas and castles, acting as a beacon for all the ambitious artists.

Antibes’ glamorous vibe attracts famous personalities from all around, belonging to different genres of art including Scott Fitzgerald, Charlie Chaplin, and Marlene Dietrich.

Another renowned attraction of Antibes is its noon summer markets. Though the markets are set throughout the year, during summer, in the afternoon, a special artisan show is arranged, where all the aspiring and novice painters, sculptors, and ceramicists show their work, hoping to be like the man who lived right in those streets centuries ago.


Enjoy the beaches


If you are not too much into art and history, then Antibes is still the place for you and will not disappoint. Beyond the bustling town life, and cafes, the noon markets, and the boutiques, there are a few hidden gems of nature in the form of beautiful and luxurious sandy beaches. The coast of Antibes houses the beaches of the handsome Antibes, itself, Cap d’Antibes, and neighbouring Juan-les-Pins.

Once, long ago, the same beach was littered with Greek trading boats, now house one the world’ most amazing, expensive, and luxurious yachts, along with a few small fishing boats as well. The humble Mediterranean resort is known for its multi-million dollar mega yachts line. The best part is that because of boat rental in Antibes; you can also take a trip on these luxurious yachts.

There are several diving offices and instructors present 24/7 to offer their services. No matter what your soul beckons; to dive underwater or to stay above water level and appreciate marine life and nature; just book, hire, or rent any suitable yet affordable boat and enjoy the true beauty that surrounds the historically rich and naturally preserved town.

There a number of watersports options available. From canoeing/kayaking to diving and snorkeling, from fly-boarding to jet-skiing, they have it all. The most preferable and loved water activity is diving. There are numerous fascinating dive sites just off of Cap d’Antibes and Cannes Islands, along with a spectacular underwater village as well.

When you are in the town of Antibes, you can also hire a boat to hop into the city of Cannes and witness its glitz and glamour. Cannes is renowned for housing the legendary Cannes Film festivals.


Rent a boat near Antibes


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