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Renting a Yach in Monaco


Monaco is a place that everybody has heard about before. Even though the size of the country is very small, it’s still one of the most famous and well popular destinations for boat rentals on the French Riviera. Monaco is well-known for its wealthy lifestyle, luxury hotels, exclusive restaurants, glamorous events in Monte-Carlo and imposant ports. Renting a boat in Monaco can give you a very unique experience and a chance to experience the atmosphere there. 


Rent a boat in Monaco and sail along the wonderful French Riviera that is a dream destination for sailing! Go along the coast and let yourself be amazed by the imposant cliffs, beautiful coves and mesmerizing beaches in the region. 


How much does it cost to rent a boat in Monaco?


The cost of renting a boat in Monaco is fluctuating throughout the year. Depending on your holiday plans when you wish to visit Monaco and the type of boat you’d like to rent, expect to find different prices.As the demand increases during the high season in summer, naturally the prices go up. Outside of this peak season prices can fluctuate and decrease a bit. If you plan to charter a yacht in Monaco, expect to pay around 200€/day for a sailboat and 500€/day for a catamaran.


If you’d rather rent a motor boat, the price depends on the size and type of boat you like. Given the popularity of the area there is a huge selection of boats available for you to rent. We recommend planning your holiday activities and the number of people that will be on the boat to determine the perfect boat for you. We guarantee that you will find the best for your needs and your vacation becomes a memorable trip. 


Boat availability in Monaco


As Monaco is a very small country, it is highly recommended to prepare your rental in advance. We advise you to book a few months in advance, so you can find the perfect boat for your needs. As for other locations along the Côte D'azur, summer is the peak time for tourists, so it can be crowded. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, if you plan to charter a yacht it is better to book a few months in advance. 


Even if you’d like to rent a motor boat for a day, it is still recommended booking a few weeks prior to your departure. The weather will allow you to visit Monaco before or after the high season in spring or autumn, when the number of tourists are way less. Keep in mind the Formula 1 race in Monte-Carlo during spring, because that’s a very popular event when the city is full! 


Do I need a licence to charter a yacht in Monaco?


In order to be eligible to rent a sailboat in Monaco, you don’t need to present a valid license, however previous experience is required! When it comes to motor boats, the situation changes, as you need to present a valid boating license if the boat has a power greater than 6hp. Do not worry at all if you don’t have previous experience or don’t have the mandatory documents, as you will have the option to rent a boat with a skipper. You can have a stress free vacation, where you can sit back and enjoy the wonderful holiday as the skipper will take control of the boat. Furthermore, they can show you places around Monaco and its region that no other tourists know about! 


Overview of Monaco


Monaco (officially Principality of Monaco) is a sovereign city-state, country that is located on the French Riviera along the Mediterranean sea. Even though it's a microstate, this unique country is full of surprises and wonderful landscapes. Due to its excellent location, it enjoys a hot summer and a mild winter with many sunny days. Thanks to this climate, Monaco is a place that you can easily visit all year round. 


As the size of the country is very small, you can visit the most popular and important attractions relatively quickly. Definitely don’t miss out on visiting the famous Monte Carlo casino in Monte Carlo which is the most famous district in Monaco and one the most visited attractions. Let yourself be amazed by the Saint Nicholas Cathedral or also called as Monaco Cathedral which is a very impressive monument. And also take a look at the Prince's Palace of Monaco. There aren't any attractions in Monaco that won’t amaze you. Moreover, you will find a vibrant nightlife, excellent restaurants and bars and luxury hotels there. 


If you visited the most important attractions, set sail and explore the country from a different perspective. Sail along the famous French Riviera and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Monaco has so many stunning spots to discover and the whole coastline will amaze you. After your holiday you won’t be surprised why Monaco and the French Riviera is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world. It is full of surprises. If you're looking to explore more destinations in the French Riviera that are close to Monaco, you can take your sailboat rental to Nice.  Another dream like destination is Cannes. In Cannes, you'll have all of the glitz and glamour of Monaco, but with a different scenery. Rent a boat in Cannes and find out why the French Riviera is the most desired destination in the world. 

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