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Renting a Boat in Zadar


Zadar is a less popular holiday destination than some other Croatian cities such as Split, but definitely a must-see destination.If you prefer to explore a calmer and less crowded city with unmatched architecture and long history, plan your next trip to Zadar. In the city, there are multitudes of churches and historic cathedrals, one of them being the St. Chrysogonus, a medieval basilica of the 12th century. 


Moreover, Zadar provides an excellent starting point for an amazing sailing holiday as there are many beautiful natural spots to visit. Rent a boat in Zadar to discover the wonderful Croatian coast and get to explore the region. 


How much does it cost to hire a boat in Zadar?


The cost of the boat hire in Zadar can fluctuate according to the season. When the demand is higher during the summer, expect to find the highest prices in July and August. However, the excellent Mediterranean climate makes it possible to sail from May to October when there are less tourists and the prices are slightly lower. If you plan to charter a yacht in Zadar, expect to pay around 100€/day for a sailboat and around 250€/day for a catamaran.


There is a much wider price range for motor boats, that will depend on the size and type of boat you rent. If you prefer to rent a motor boat for a day, define your project and the activities you would like to do during your trip and choose accordingly. From the wide selection, we guarantee that you will find the most ideal boat for your holiday in Zadar. 


Charter availability in Zadar


The sailing season in Zadar runs from May to October, which is the same anywhere else in Croatia. Due to that, there is a wide range of boats available for hire. We highly recommend booking a few months in advance if you plan to charter in Zadar. If you rather wish to rent a motor boat for a day, it is enough to book a few weeks before your departure. 


Do I need a licence to charter a yacht in Zadar?


If you rent a boat in Zadar, you must follow the Croatian national regulations. In Croatia there is a strict regulation about the need for a license. You must have a valid boating license and also a VHF radio license regardless of the type of boat you rent in Zadar. 


However, don’t worry about the documents and having previous experience in sailing as there is an opportunity of renting with a skipper. If you want a stress-free holiday and to let an expert drive a boat, having a skipper is the best option. Additionally, a local skipper will have the knowledge about the area and will navigate you to explore the beautiful hidden spots and stunning bays around Zadar. This will definitely make your whole experience unforgettable! 


Overview of Zadar


Zadar is a seaside Croatian city located on the Dalmatian coast of the country. Zadar is a city rich in historical culture, beautiful attractions and monuments to visit and many undiscovered natural landscapes. It is less crowded than some other Croatian cities, so it is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. If you visit Zadar, do not miss the opportunity to see the piece of art called the Sea Organ, which is an experimental instrument that produces music through the thrust of the waves.


Also visit the Roman Forum, the St Anastasia’s Cathedral. If you wandered around the city and discovered the local attractions, check out the amazing beaches in the area. Renting a boat in Zadar will allow you to discover the Croatian coast and all of the beautiful islands in its surroundings, Zadar is the perfect starting point. 


Stop at any of the islands like Sestrunj, Zverinac, Iz, Molat, Dugi, Ist and Sit. You can also explore the wonderful national parks that Zadar has to offer. The Mljet National Park is situated on the greenest island in Croatia and is definitely worth discovering. Sail around the Mljet Island and discover fine sand, crystal clear water with its incredible marine flora and fauna.


Do not forget to head towards the Komati Islands, an impressive archipelago formed by 150 islands where you can anchor in wonderful coves and take a dip in transparent waters. It is essential for sailors to discover this unique area of Croatia. Rent a boat from SamBoat and spend unforgettable holidays in Zadar. The great thing about Zadar is the close proximity of some of the most popular destinations in Croatia. For example, you can sail to Sibenik and spend a day seeing the historic city. Further up north, you'll have a hidden gem in Pula. Renting a boat in Pula will allow you to see the Croatian coast and even parts of Italy. Another smaller city, but worth checking out is Krk. Take your motorboat to Krk and partake in water activities while seeing the beautiful historic city. 


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Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 77574 reviews

I was very satisfied, Andro and his dad are very friendly and have a lot of experiences on the boat. Absolutely recomended.


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A 5-star service appreciated by users
Samboat is rated 4.87/5 •Based on 77574 reviews

I was very satisfied, Andro and his dad are very friendly and have a lot of experiences on the boat. Absolutely recomended.


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