5 Must-See Sites in Ibiza

By Kanika from SamBoat - April 12, 2023

While it is no secret that most people visit Ibiza for the great parties and nightlife, there is more to Ibiza than meets the eye. While your nights may be filled with unforgettable parties and fun, your days can be just as exciting with these beautiful must-see sites to visit, before the end of your holiday.

Dalt Vila

One of the most underrated areas in Ibiza is the fortified old town of Dalt Vila, also known as ‘Upper Town’. Rich in history, nearly every building in the town has a story, from the large city gates with the Portal de Ses Taules drawbridge to the tiny houses. Once you step through the gates you feel as if you are in a different time, walking into an ancient courtyard, where you will see views of a medieval castle, the Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de las Nieves and the Bastion of Santa Lucia.

Although the architecture maybe thousands of years old, the town is booming with activity, with permanent fixtures to the town such as popular bars and restaurants, and even an incredible Contemporary Art Museum. Once a year, the town also holds a festival which includes DJs playing on a huge open-air stage, and partying through the night. If that is not enough, the Cinema Paradiso is also a popular site in the town, where you can watch films in the open air, taking in the stunning panoramic views of the town and coast.

Es Vedra Islet

One of the many islets off the island of Ibiza is the mesmerising Es Vedra. If you ask anyone about the islet, they will be quick to tell you of the rumoured magic and legend that shrouds the islet, including the belief that the rock was once home to the Sirens from Greek mythology. Although the myths are just stories, the islet is so inviting and beautiful to look at that many locals and tourists will practice meditation while admiring the Islet in the distance. The Islet cannot be visited as it is an uninhabited nature reserve, however, that doesn’t stop people from sailing close, with others admiring the view from viewpoints such as the Torre de Savinar and the Playa d’Hort. Es Vedra is can be seen better from some of the other Spanish Islands which you can sail to.

Cueva Can Marca

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The underground caverns of the Cueva Can Marca are, just like most of the island, rich in history. Originally used by smugglers to hide contraband, evidence of their existence can still be seen on the cave walls. The natural beauty of the caves is incredible, creating beautiful views out to sea from the openings in the cliffside, as well as the array of stalagmites and stalactites which litter the ceiling. Although the beauty and caves are all-natural, the area was introduced to light and sound effects which make touring the caves a unique experience, and a great place to admire the boats sailing around Ibiza.

Puig de Missa

Out of all the churches and cathedrals on the island, the architecture of Puig de Missa is probably the most unique. The fortified church was built in Ibiza in the 16th century, on top of the ruins of the previous church which had been attacked by pirates and subsequently collapsed. Not only is the view of the cubic Puig de Missa beautiful and unique, but the view from the Puig de Missa offers stunning panoramic views of the coast, river and hills. The Puig de Missa is not just a church, it is in fact a cluster of homes, church and cemetery which makes up this incredible complex.

Aquarium Cap Blanc

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Although aquariums occupy many cities, Aquarium Cap Blanc is one of the most unique in the world. Formerly known as Sa Cova de Ses Llagostes (the lobster cave), the aquarium was built in a natural cave, as part of the marine species recovery network CREM. Most of the animals housed here are rescued due to injuries and are kept for recovery before being returned to the sea. After you have explored the aquarium, there is an adjoining kiosk, which offers drinks such as wine or sangria.

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