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Charter a RIB with or without skipper

How to rent a RIB?

Rent a RIB on Samboat! Choose from several brands like Zodiac, Bombard, Valiant, Capelli, Zar, Selva, Scanner. Hundreds of boats are available in France and throughout Europe starting at just 60€ per day. RIB's have the advantage of offering a larger capacity than standard rigid boats and offer more stability. If you're at sea or on a lake, these types of boats are ideal for day trips, water sports (water skiing, wakeboarding, etc.) or for your diving excursions. RIB's are well known for their comfort and good handling and are always a good idea for day out on the water.

Where to rent a RIB?

The inflatable boat model is a real success and it is very common to find several models in all coastal cities in France and everywhere else in Europe. By filtering your search using different filters at your disposal, you can find many RIB's available for rent in:
-In Croatia: Split, Hvar, Pula
-In France: Marseile, Hyeres La Ciotat
-Italy: Naples, Sardinia

Why rent a RIB?

Semi-rigid's have always had many advantages that make it a perfect boat for day trips. One of the most attractive features will be in terms of price. In terms of RIB's, the Zodiac brand line remains the most popular and interesting, showcasing a strong line of several models.

Another merit is the ease of transportation for pleasure boating as well as its ease of operation. This comes in handy in congested ports at the start of your rental or at the end of the day when the boat must be handed over. You can easily have powerful motors equipped and the RIB is suitable for all types of trips in any kind of water.

When the sea is a bit rough, the lightness of the boat can make it more difficult to control. Be sure to wear a lifejacket when you go out.

Choosing the right RIB for your day out at sea

When choosing the right RIB, there are several questions that might arise. The first, and most obvious, is choosing the right size of boat which corresponds directly to how many people are going out. On SamBoat, you have tons of options that can be sorted by size and length. RIB's vary from 2 meters (6.5 ft) to 14 meters (46ft). In addition to the size, it is important to take into account what area you will be navigating to determine the power that is necessary.

One thing to take into consideration is the weather forecast. On most RIB's, you'll be able to find a sun canopy that will protect you and your party from the heat.

The final part to consider is the type of activity you are planning to do. The boats will vary depending on whether you want to focus on fishing, diving, wakeboarding or just a trip out to sea. If you plan on an outing for fishing, you will need plenty of storage space, while a day out will require a space to lay down and take in the sun.

Whatever your needs are, you will be sure to find the right boat on SamBoat. Take the time to browse through all of the different ads and admire the thousands of boats available for rent.

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