The crew

Laurent and Nicolas, friends first, then business partners, are very passionate about boating. On top of that, they're both enthusiastic supporters of the sharing economy, the new way of consuming that takes into account the needs of our planet and our economic opportunities. Samboat springs up from the idea of matching those two great passions to allow boating enthusiasts to afford renting on the one hand and to help boat owners to cover the considerable costs on the other. Immersed in the dynamic and innovative start-ups environnement in Bordeaux, Samboat grows fast, getting to achieve the title of leader of the French market just one year after its launch. Samboat distinguishes itself through its reliability, the service quality and the deep knowledge of the digital world. Currently leader of the French market, Samboat now turns its eyes to Europe, and will be soon available in the UK. If you're interested in our project or you're just willing to learn more about it, write us a message. We'll be glad to answer any question.