How does the boat rental work?

The 5 stages of a rental


Place your free listing

Place your listing free of charge with no obligation in just a few clicks. Add the details of the boat, its price, its availability, as well as some beautiful photos and you're all set.


Choose the right renter

When you receive a booking request, choose to accept or refuse a tenant based on their experience (Sailing CV) and their previous reviews.


Meet with your renter

The day of the rental, you take inventory of the boat and then sign the rental contract provided by SamBoat. Hand over the boat to the renter and share your useful tips on the area of navigation.


Receive the payment

You are assured of being paid once the rental is completed thanks to a secure payment. Also, the security deposit can be managed online, thanks to a credit card pre-authorization.


Leave a review

At the end of the rental, make sure that everything went well and examine the state of the boat on site. Finally, leave a review on the client.

Add my boat


Search for a boat

Look for the ideal boat according to its price, size or availability. When you have found the boat of your dreams, fill in your profile and send a booking request to the owner.


Reserve online

If your booking request is accepted, you pay your rental online. The amount will be deposited to the owner on the 1st day of your rental.


Take inventory of the boat

When the day comes, you board the boat and make sure it corresponds to the descriptions in the listing. The owner will help you take control of the boat and you will sign the rental agreement.


Sail with peace of mind

After you have harvested the valuable advice from the owner on the navigation area, navigate peacefully on their boat. In addition, you can call us 24/7.


Evaluate your rental

At the agreed time, return the boat in perfect condition to its owner. Finally, leave a comment on the quality of the boat and its owner.

Rent a boat
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