5 Reasons to Visit Split

By Kanika from SamBoat - April 25, 2023

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, based on the Adriatic Sea and one of the top sailing destinations in Europe. If you are hoping to go on a sailing holiday, but don’t know where you should go, here are 5 reasons why Split is the perfect sailing destination.

1. It is the Gateway to the Dalmatian Islands

 If you love exploring and don’t want to be tied down in one place, then Split is your solution. Known as the gateway to the Dalmatian islands, the beautiful and modern marinas, as well as the location of Split makes it the perfect place to connect to other places. Either as a starting point for your charter or an area to base yourself on as you set off on day trips, to some of the beautiful Croatian islands such as Korcula, Vis or Mljet. The port city has 57 marinas; however, the three main ones are Stari Grad, ACI Marina Split and ACI Marina Palmizana. Being that Dalmatia has 1000 islands, it is a great way to explore the different parts of Croatia.

2. Explore the Attractions and Beaches

Split is rich in history, and this can be seen throughout the city and old town. None shows of history quite like Diocletian’s Palace however, being built in 305 CE it is said that the beginnings of Split began around this time. As such, Diocletian’s Palace is a must-visit attraction in Split, and not the only one of its kind. Split is filled with areas and unique attractions to explore, such as Saint Domnius Cathedral and Fortress Klis. Your days will be full of fun activities to partake in Split, as not only is there a lot to explore both manmade and natural, such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park, but also the beaches of Split are well-known for their beauty and amenities. If you want to find out more about the beaches in Split, check out this article about the best beaches to visit in Split.

3. Enjoy the Croatian Cuisine

Source: @cookina_kuhinja

An underrated part of Croatia is the delicious local delicacies, influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. As such, when you visit any part of Croatia, make sure to try some of the traditional dishes. Some of the most popular include black risotto, made of squid ink, fritule, battered doughnut balls, Pasticada, a stew of beef, prunes, figs, and alcohol or the popular Istrian truffles, found in the Motovun Forest. In most Dalmatian cuisine you can find red meat as well as the catch of the day, with olive oil also being an important part of many of the dishes. The other important part of Croatian cuisine rather than the ingredients is the preparation. Most Croatian delicacies are prepared on wood-fired grills, on roadside spits or slow-roasting beneath dome-shaped lids, which is a unique experience to watch.

4. Inexpensive Luxury Experience

It is unavoidable that when looking at your perfect getaway, the cost of the experience is taken into account. While visiting Split is not cheap, the experience is well worth the money. Enjoy a luxury experience, by yachting around the islands nearby, or shop in some of the high-end shops on the promenade, while not breaking the bank. Croatia is cheaper than 51% of the world’s countries, but it is still easy to enjoy an extravagant trip due to the development of tourism in Croatia. Split is home to many luxury hotels and experiences, with a sense of grandeur, in a safe European nation with a high quality of life.

5. Festivals and Events

Split is a popular destination in Croatia for festivals and events, making visiting Split a great and unique experience at any point of the year. Particularly during the summer months, Split holds notable and popular festivals such as the Ultra Music Festival. This multi-day event, which features music from house to EDM, takes place in the city and on the beaches in July annually. As well as the number of music festivals, numerous cultural events are also hosted throughout the year, such as the Flower Festival in May, which is held in the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace and is a spectacle with a multitude of exhibitors coming to display their work on a particular theme. Another important cultural event is Advent in Split, which commemorates the Christmas celebrations from December to January with music, food, and other festivities. Whatever month you go, it is guaranteed that you will see an event you will never forget.

If these reasons have managed to convince you to sail away to Split, why not check out our charter itinerary departing from Split.

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