5 Upcoming Events in Ibiza

By Kanika from SamBoat - April 12, 2023

With the amazing parties and events which occur nearly every night in Ibiza, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best events on the Island. Although the nightlife is incredible, the island is also rich in history and often hosts some incredible events, often accompanies by music and entertainment, in the tradition of the island. We have listed our favourite 5 annual events which you can enjoy this 2023 in Ibiza.

Ruta de la Sal Regatta

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Easter is one of the most celebrated events on the island, known as Semana Santa. During this time, Ibiza is very different from the party island it usually is, with solemn and quiet processions through the city. However, also during this time is the most important sailing event for the island, the Ruta de la Sal which invites almost 200 boats internationally to take part. Known as ‘The Salt Route’, it follows the route that salt exporters used to follow in the past, however, has developed into 3 different routes.

While all routes finish in the popular Ibiza resort town of San Antonio, the three routes include the Barcelona version (which departs from Castelldefels), the Denia version (which departs from the Port of Denia), and the Mallorca version (which departs from Port d’Andratx). Ibiza is a great place for this to be held as the waters around the island make sailing in Ibiza very pleasant.

International Music Summit

Out of all the music events thrown in Ibiza, the International Music Summit is one of the most famous. The 3-day event is an electronic dance music conference which has been taking place since 2008. Although the most famous part of the event is the IMS Dalt Vila, which invites the public to join for a huge closing party and listen to some of the top global electronic dance DJs, there is more to the summit than just the closing party.

For lovers of electronic dance music and members of the industry, the event sees several speakers talk about their experiences and struggles in the industry, and a dinner is held at the end of the event, known as the IMS Legends Dinner, which gives out the award to the recipient of the IMS Legends Award. The event is held in Dalt Vila, which is one of the most popular towns in Ibiza, and a must-see area in Ibiza.

Night of San Juan

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The Night of San Juan (sometimes known as midsummer) is a special day in Ibiza and the shortest day of the year. It is the day to cleanse yourself and make changes, and as such Ibiza has some special traditions which make the day a great time to experience Ibiza culture. Some traditions include the bonfires of San Juan, as fire symbolizes burning the old to allow new things to arise, while another is writing a wish list and burning it after.

For Ibiza specifically, two of the most important traditions include the midnight bathroom, which includes getting into the sea to purify yourself at midnight and trying the traditional macarrones des San Juan. Whichever town you are in Ibiza, you are ensured to have one of the best fiestas of your life during this celebration.

Virgen del Carmen

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If you are visiting the island during the popular tourist month of July, make sure not to miss the traditional celebration of the Virgen del Carmen. In the district of the La Marina, the streets are filled with flowers and music to honour Our Lady of Carmen, the patron saint of sailors.

The port is filled with boats and flowers cover the water during the main ceremony, where a procession is led through the streets by a brass band, until the statue of Our Lady of Carmen is set off on an Ilaut, a traditional Balearic fishing boat, with other boats accompanying the statue. Although the procession is held in La Marina, celebrations are held in all the towns of Ibiza, including parades, masses, floral offerings and the traditional Ibizian ball.

Closing Parties

While not a specific event, if you plan to visit Ibiza for the party life, as many tourists do, the best time of year to go in at the end of September and October when you will see an array of different closing parties seeing the end of the party season in Ibiza. As it is the last ‘hurrah’ for the year, these parties are unlike any other during the year, with prices also usually being cheaper as October is not peak tourist season.

The events are full of incredible DJ lineups, surprise guests and amazing light and sound shows, which create some of the best stage productions. Some examples of headliners during these closing parties in 2023 include Calvin Harris, Tiesto and David Guetta.

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