6 tips to boost your bookings

By Kanika from SamBoat - March 24, 2022

Renting a boat is practical, user-friendly and above all extremely simple! Today, SamBoat reveals a few tips to boost your bookings and rent your boat quickly. 

1 – Take nice pictures of your boat 

This is one of the most important aspects! Take your photos in good weather with a good quality camera. For beautiful pictures, take your boat as a whole while sailing or at anchor. For the interior pictures, do not leave your personal belongings, tidy up as much as possible and think about the lighting. Ideally, have a wide angle camera and slightly overexpose the picture so you can edit it afterwards.

2 – Set an affordable price to boost your reservations 

The price is a decisive element in the choice of a rental. New renters are advised to start with a low price, in order to get the first reviews (which will move you up in the list of boats in your area). To set the most suitable rates, you can use the price simulator proposed by SamBoat.

3 – Make a detailed description

Describe your boat with as many details as possible, its characteristics, its history and also showcasing the charms of your sailing area. Take advantage of this part to make people dream about going on a holiday with your boat! The description of your boat is ideal to reveal its originality. Try to complete your ad to 100%, it will most definitely boost your bookings!

4 – Be reactive and up to date with your reservations 

Remember to be as reactive as possible: your time and acceptance rate are automatically displayed on your ad! An owner who responds quickly, will receive about 3 times more requests than an owner who is less responsive.

We recommend that you to regularly update your calendar to avoid disappointing potential clients and being contacted unnecessarily. The more responsive you are and the more updated your calendar is, the better your ranking will be in the list of boats.

5 – Build a complete profile

SamBoat is a community of boating enthusiasts, who share their honest experiences and advice. Try to appear in your best light in order to encourage contacts: a few sentences about yourself, your maritime experience, a nice photo and that’s it! Also remember to validate your phone number, e-mail address and identity card via your account

6 – Share your ad

To boost your bookings, you can share your ad on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even better, your blog or website! The more you share your ad, the more rental requests you will receive.

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