Sailing itinerary in Turkey: 7 days around Göcek

By Kanika from SamBoat - March 14, 2022

We thought about an amazing 7-day itinerary in the Gocek Bay in Turkey. Cruising in Turkey means that you will do something different from the usual sailing itineraries in Europe.

When should you go on a cruise in Turkey?

The best time to cruise in Turkey is between the months of May and November. This time of the year has mild and pleasant temperatures. The best month to rent a boat in Turkey is still June with temperatures averaging around 30 degrees and has a lot less tourists than in the high season.

Which boat to rent in Turkey?

Turkey offers amazing landscapes for sailing enthusiasts. The best way to cruise in comfort and enjoy the light winds of the region is to rent a stable boat like a catamaran or a sailboat.

If you’d rather adapt to the local type of boats, it is also possible to rent a schooner. Schooners are classic wooden boats with two to seven masts. These old boats can accommodate up to 20 people on board. Therefore, it is the ideal boat if you want to embark on an expedition with several people.

Day 1: Gocek

Gocek is a natural harbour located in the Gulf of Fethiye at the edge of the turquoise coast of Turkey. This beautiful harbour overlooks many islands and bays in the surroundings. In the bay of Gocek you will find about 100 islands and small islets. This is a popular sailing area in the summer and many yachts come by to visit the various islands and escape the stress and bustle of the city.

Before you pick up your boat, we recommend that you enjoy the wonders of this beautiful city and taste some local specialties. Don’t hesitate on going shopping in the different small markets of the city.

Now it’s time to pick up your boat and set sail for your next stop: Kile Buku.

Day 2: Gocek → Kille Koyu and Bedri Rahmi

5.2 nautical miles, 1 hour of sailing

Starting your morning, sail from Gocek and you will arrive at the bay of Kille Buku in time for lunch. Take time to eat and enjoy the shaded areas before setting sail again towards Bedri Rahmi. It is then in a bay between pine and olive trees that you will arrive. You can easily drop anchor to sleep in this bay which is also perfectly sheltered from the wind and currents.

Day 3: Bedri Rahmi Sarsala Bay and Cleopatra’s Bath

3 nautical miles, 36 minutes of sailing

Resuming your sailing adventure in the morning, you will arrive in Sarsala Bay. This bay offers beautiful swimming spots, make sure to bring sandals as you will find pebble beaches only. Thanks to a pontoon, you can access the heart of the island and go hiking or stop at the small traditional restaurant of the island. You have the choice to stay in Sarsala Bay and sleep there or you can go to Manastir Bay (Cleopatra’s Bath) to discover more volcanic landscapes.

Day 4: Cleopatra’s Bath → Gobun Bay and Yavansu Bay

1.6 nautical miles, 20 minutes of sailing

If you want to see something unique, Gobun Bay is the place to go as you will find caves and graves dug directly into the rock. The entrance to Domuz Bay is relatively narrow, which makes this bay even more incredible and protected to spend the night.

You can also continue your itinerary in Turkey by sailing to Yavansu Bay. Although this area is much more touristy, you will find an old historical town called Arymaxa. This old city houses four Roman mausoleums as well as Hellenistic and Byzantine remains.

Day 5: Yavansu Bay → Domuz Island and Tersane Island

3.8 nautical miles, 45 minutes of sailing

This island is now called Prince’s Island and is one of the most soothing islands you will find. Continue your sailing a bit towards Tersane Island. This is the perfect island to find small wild coves and relax. Be careful, the west side of the island is particularly exposed to strong winds, so if you stay overnight, choose a cove on the east coast. Also, you might want to consider making a stop on the island to visit the ruins of Telandria.

Day 6: Tersane Island → Yassica Islands

2.6 nautical miles, 30 minutes of sailing

The Yassica Islands offer heavenly landscapes that naturally invite you to go swimming and relax. Moreover, thanks to the vast stretches of sand you can be alone and enjoy this unique place. The small islands are so close to each other that you can reach them by simply swimming.

Day 7: Yassica Islands → Gocek

2..7 nautical miles, 30 minutes of sailing

Sail back to Gocek and proceed for checkout. If you loved this itinerary in Turkey, make sure to visit other incredible places. For instance, you might want to check our itinerary for sailing in Croatia. There is still plenty of culture to discover while enjoying more sumptuous landscapes. 

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