La Spezia dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - May 18, 2022

You might not have heard much about la Spezia, as it is not the main attraction in the area, the Ligurian region is most famously known for the five authentic Italian villages nearby  “Cinque Terre”. Indeed, la Spezia is very well located and is just a few minutes away from the beautiful range of villages. This makes this town the perfect place to rent a boat in Italy for a full day trip. Visiting Cinque Terre is a must-do in Italy, the picturesque seafront harbours, with jumpable rocks and crystal clear water make it an amazing place to relax. The villages are composed of very colourful and vibrant streets, full of Italian charm! You can easily find a pleasing restaurant to enjoy local wine and pesto.

On this day La Spezia dayboat route, we take you to the marvellous Cinque Terre! We suggest starting off early from the town’s harbour to have a full Italian experience. Rent your boat La Spezia, don’t forget your essentials, especially sunscreen, and embark!

1) Riomaggiore

12 nautical miles, 48 minutes of navigation

The first village you’ll come across in Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore. It’s a short ride away to get there, just about 12 nautical miles away. This is the most famous of all the villages as it’s located closer to La Spezia. On your arrival, you’ll be welcomed by a scenic view of the town as a whole. Make sure to take your camera, this is a view you’ll want to remember for a long time. This might also be the right time to jump in the turquoise water. If you like jumping off heights, there is a small cliffside (located on your left while looking towards the mainland) perfect for action seekers!

2) Manarola

1 nautical mile, 4 minutes of navigation

When you’re ready to discover more, cruise north to Manarola, the second village. It’s just as beautiful, as all the other villages, actually, it’s known to be the most scenic of all. We recommend taking your time to relax in this one, by having lunch if it’s already time to eat. Manarola is also recognized for its wine, produced in the vines just behind the village. Make sure to have a glass to immerse yourself in the authenticity provided by this place!

3) Corniglia

1.3 nautical miles, 5 minutes of navigation

Corniglia is the next village on this route. If you want to have more quality time in each village, we suggest skipping the one but we still include it in this guide for useful information. Corniglia is a rather small town, so you don’t have to spend as much time there as in the other ones. Find a small rock formation in its surroundings and go for a refreshing plunge! It is a great idea to go snorkelling in the area, with many different species of fish, Liguria is famous for its biodiversity. 

4) Vernazza

1,6 nautical miles, 6 minutes of navigation

Cruise up north once again and be welcomed by the charming village of Vernazza. For the rest of this itinerary, we suggest anchoring your boat in the port of the village and hiking to the next village of Monterosso to appreciate the incredible view of the coastline. Before your hike, make sure you be wearing suitable shoes. Before leaving, render the small streets and the beautiful church of Santa Margherita.

5) Monterosso

2,35 miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Monterosso is the furthest village in the Cinque Terre region. It’s also the one with the most infrastructure, you can have a refreshing drink and snack on the beach to replenish your energy for your hike back to Vernazza. Once again, enjoy the view coming from the other way, the track takes you back more to the mainland where you can appreciate the diversity of the landscapes. 

6) Back to la Spezia

2,35 miles + 15,75 nautical miles, 1 hour 12 minutes of sailing

It’s time to haul anchor and head back to La Spezia. It will take a little more time than on your way to Cinque terre as you’ll be leaving from a further village. Depending on the time you’re leaving, you might be on time to enjoy the sunset from la Spezia on arrival once you complete the checkout. There are plenty of incredibly good ice cream shops in town. Enjoy one to end your day in a good way.

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