Split dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - May 3, 2022

Split is one of the best and biggest seafront towns in Croatia. The town is incredibly well located, neighbouring some of the country’s most beautiful spots making it a dreamy destination to go island hopping. Picture yourself swimming in crystal clear water, soaking in the sea by exploring the reefs and appreciating the beauty surrounding you. Taste local food, and enjoy the warm weather. By following this route, you’ll be exposed to, fascinating culture, history and marvellous landscapes. You’ll be able to relax by embracing the Laganini lifestyle.

Before starting your journey, make sure you have everything you need for your boat rental Split. Don’t forget sunscreen and your sunglasses as the sun can be ruthless. For lunch, you can either prepare a picnic or please yourself by tasting a local dish at a seaside restaurant.

1) Split to the Shipwreck of Kontesa

9 nautical miles, 36 minutes of navigation

Start off as early as possible to have more time exploring the islands and lagoons on this day ahead of you. For your first spot, we suggest going to the shipwreck located near the town of Necujam. At the end of the bay, you’ll find a peaceful little cove with a sunken ship, creating a natural habitat for marine life. You can anchor in the area and go snorkelling. Swim to nearby shores and find a place to sit down and take a break on the beach.

2) Necujam to Maslinica

10 nautical miles, 40 minutes of navigation

The next step of your day trip is Maslinica. Set sail for about an hour before reaching the small port village on the west side of the island. On your arrival, stretch your legs by touring the harbour and the promenade area. You can do so by visiting small shops and finding a restaurant with a view of the marina. Later, enjoy the peaceful scenery and have a dip in the sea before getting back on your Split dayboat route.

3) Maslinica to Blue Lagoon

2,7 nautical miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Head off to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ on the east side of the Drvenik Veliki island. It’s a short ride of about 15 minutes from the port of Maslinica. Upon your arrival, you’ll be received by one of the prettiest lagoons in Croatia. Small islets separated by turquoise and shallow water makes it an unforgettable place. This is where you get your best Instagram shot! Most of all, it is the perfect spot to bathe and replenish your energy.

4) Blue Lagoon to Ciovo

6 nautical miles, 24 minutes of navigation

On your way back to Split, we recommend adding one last stop. It makes the trip more enjoyable, with just as much sailing, but more fun! Embark and set sail to Ciovo, an island close to the return point, with just as much nature and beautiful sceneries. For this part of the trip, it’s up to you to choose the best beach or cove to take in your last moments on your Split dayboat route. Feel free to adventure out and explore the coastline.

5) Ciovo to Split

7,5 nautical miles, 30 minutes of navigation

Make sure to sail back on time for the checkout of your boat rental. It takes about half an hour to an hour depending on where you chose to navigate on the island to sail back to Split. Once you are back on the mainland, walk around the city and enjoy a beverage and some local appetizers while watching the sun setting.

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