Goodbye paper, SamBoat launches the 1st digital contract on the SamBoat app

By Kanika from SamBoat - June 30, 2022

Pioneer in its field, SamBoat launches the first dematerialized contract on mobile to rent a boat.

No more loose sheets, you can now make the rental contract and the inventory of fixtures directly on your smartphone! Safer, faster and more ecological, it will make your life much easier.

To start, download the SamBoat application

Start renting

Once you are logged in as an owner, go to the “My requests” tab, on the starting day of the rental. Select the rental in question, click on “start rental” and off you go!

Here are the steps you will have to take at the start of the rental:

1) Information concerning the identity of the renter

2) Validation of the boat.

3) Inventory of the boat with photographs (take pictures of the whole boat and of sensitive elements)

4) Fuel level: thanks to the digital gauge, take the fuel level which you can also take a picture of.

5) Digital signatures of the owner and the renter, are to be drawn directly on the phone screen.

Once validated, the contract is directly sent by email to the renter and the owner.

End the rental

Ending the rental couldn’t be easier:

1) Select your reservation and click on “End rental”:

2) Inspection of the boat and the fuel, with the possibility to see the inventory of fixtures at departure.

3) If there is nothing to report: simply sign on the smartphone and the finalized contract will be automatically sent by email

4) If the boat has been damaged, you must specify the nature of the problems and take pictures of them.

5) Once finished, just sign the contract and the rental will end.

Available on Apple and Android : 

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