Hvar dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - June 30, 2022

Hvar is the most famous out of all the Croatian islands. This is by virtue of its splendid landscape, with gorgeous coastlines and wonderful beaches. The turquoise blue sea will make you want to spend most of your time in it. Hvar is also full of small, charming villages, compensating for its wild nature. Put it simply, Hvar is perfect, it just has everything! Renting a boat for a Hvar dayboat route is absolutely the best way to visit the island and its surroundings. In this itinerary, we list our favourite spots to explore on and around the island. Some of these are non-reachable if you don’t have a boat.

To avoid problems on your trip, make sure you have everything you need before leaving! Don’t forget your bathing suit sunscreen, it can get considerably hot in Croatia during the summer.

1) Hvar Dubovica

5.1 nautical miles, 20 minutes of navigation

We suggest starting your Hvar dayboat route in the main town of the island. It is a great starting point as it has some of the best spots around it. Head straight to the east side until you reach the small cove of Dubovica. This will be your first stop and you surely won’t be disappointed by the incredible view. You may want to take this moment to jump in the water and go snorkelling!

2) Dubovica Skala beach

2.7 nautical miles, 10 minutes of navigation

Navigate towards the east side of the island once again. You’ll be amazed by the number of beautiful beaches along the way. You can go all the way to Skala beach, but we suggest you anchor at empty coves by cruising along the coast. Pick your favourite place and jump in the water. If you’re hungry by this time, you can also decide to have lunch there. You could also find a local restaurant if you didn’t pack any food.

3) Skala Beach Malo Zarace

3.9 nautical miles, 16 minutes of navigation

Cruise back the way you came and stop in Malo Zarace. This beach is gorgeous! The bottom is quite shallow and makes for a perfect place to go snorkelling. You’ll be impressed by the transparency of the sea and by how quiet this place is. You could also leave the beach and wander around, there is a small chapel you can visit. 

4) Malo Zarace Pakleni Islands 

7.7 nautical miles, 30 minutes of navigation

Sail to the Pakleni islands. This small chain of islands is located right next to Hvar town. This makes it a perfect place to visit before checking out of your Hvar dayboat route! Find picturesque bays, gorgeous beaches and trendy bars, this place might just deserve a full day to itself! Whether you want to go snorkelling or relax under the sun, it’s got everything you’d possibly want for a dreamy day on a boat.

5) Pakleni Islands Hvar Town

5.9 nautical miles, 24 minutes of navigation

Your last stop is Hvar Town. We suggest visiting some historical sites after checking out with the boat owner. The colourful port of this town is one of the most photogenic in all of Croatia. Some of the other places to visit in the town are the Venetian Loggia, the clock tower and the Franciscan monastery. For a glorious sunset, you could sit at the Tvrdava Fortica. You’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the town and the neighbouring islands.

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