Miami dayboat route

By Kanika from SamBoat - June 8, 2022

Miami has everything anyone would want for a dreamy holiday. White sand beaches, plenty of sun, water sports, sailing, historical sites, top-notch nightlife, and more. You name it, this city has it all! Renting a boat in Miami is one of the best things to do and definitely a big part of the culture. The city is accommodated with many marinas and is well known for its boating lifestyle. On a Miami dayboat route, cool off by anchoring at famous sandbars, go snorkelling in turquoise water and appreciate downtown Miami at sunset.

Start off your Miami dayboat route by renting a boat in one of the local marinas. It is up to you to choose the best deal in your preferred location, anywhere is a good start for a nice day in this area. In this article, we show you a route starting from downtown Miami. Depending on the location you rent your boat from, feel free to customize our itinerary by implementing some of your favourite locations.

1) Downtown Miami Monument Island

4 nautical miles, 16 minutes of navigation

After checking in, navigate to Monument Island, located between the Miami Beach area, downtown Miami and other islands. You should know that Miami is composed of many different islands, so you definitely made the right choice by renting a boat! Explore this island and have your first dip in the clear water before heading to the next stop.

2) Monument Island Crandon Park

9.5 nautical miles, 38 minutes of navigation

Crandon Park is situated in the northern part of Key Biscayne and constitutes a wild and natural park. We recommend anchoring on the west side of the island at the Crandon marina to visit this place. The island has some incredible reefs you can explore by going snorkelling. If your boat is equipped with scuba diving gear you might as well visit the Neptune memorial reef which is a short boat ride away. 

3) Crandon Park Nixon Sandbar

3.4 nautical miles, 14 minutes of sailing

It’s time to have fun, refresh and appreciate the good weather. Head south to the Nixon sandbar where you can anchor in the shallows. This is a particular place where people get together on the sandbar to drink beers and socialize with other boaters. Take this moment to bathe in the turquoise water and have a good time. You might also be hungry so make sure to bring some snacks or a prepared lunch!

4) Nixon Sandbar Coconut Grove

7 nautical miles, 28 minutes of navigation

Now that you have had the chance to enjoy the sandbar and the party scenery, cruise north to Coconut Grove. It used to be a hippie hangout in the 60s, home to Flower Power and then became a favourite spot for intellectual artists. Coconut Grove has since become considerably more relaxed. It is now home to an affluent but discreet population, extraordinary greenery and small businesses. It retains a Bohemian feeling that makes Coconut Grove a very distinct place in Miami.

5) Coconut Grove Downtown Miami

5.1 nautical miles, 20 minutes of navigation

Your Miami dayboat route is coming to an end and it is almost time to checkout. To finish off on this incredible day in a glamorous way, we suggest appreciating the sunset from your boat. The best place is from the south channel. You’ll be able to cherish the view where you’ll have the beautiful Miami skyline in front of you with warm colours filling the sky.

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