Mykonos Charter Itinerary: Explore the Cyclades

By Kanika from SamBoat - May 30, 2023

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands of the Cyclades, however surrounding the islands are some beautiful hidden gems of the Cyclades waiting to be discovered. Sail around Mykonos and explore the Cyclades with this 7-day charter itinerary, from the busy city of Athens to the secluded Ermoupoli.

Day 1: Mykonos –> Ermoupoli

18NM – 3 hours

Setting off from the Port of Mykonos, head over to the nearby island of Syros, where you will find the town of Ermoupoli which is a great town to explore for sailors, with its large port, and many seaside attractions and activities. Ermoupoli is filled with places to see, making the first day of the charter an active one, with places such as Ermoupolis city hall and monument, and the Naos Agio Nikolaou church both being great places to learn more about this history of the island. Like most of the islands in the Cyclades, Ermoupoli is also surrounded by some beautiful beaches and mooring spots for your boat, where you can enjoy crystal clear water and the warm Mediterranean sun.

Day 2: Ermoupoli –> Euboea Island

43NM – 7 hours and 20 minutes

Source: @dmarinmarinas

Euboea Island is the second largest island in the Cyclades and as such there are a great many things to explore. Sailing from Ermoupoli, the best and nearest place to dock up is the village of Karystos, a coastal town known for its food, sun and hikes. Scatterings of little coves and bays line the town making it a great spot for a beach day and making snorkelling and other water activities a great way to spend time. If you want to learn more about the culture, head over to the Bourgi, a Venetian tower rich in history, or the Archaeological Museum, where you can see exhibits of the island from all periods of time. The harbour is a great place to dock with many seaside restaurants and bars, with the tavernas selling some of the incredible delicacies of the Cyclades.

Day 3: Euboea Island –> Athens

33NM – 5 hours and 30 minutes

The capital of Greece is a great place to spend at least a day sailing around the nearby islands, with great activities and excursions available on all corners of the coast. The nearest place to dock to Euboea Island is the east coast, with towns such as Porto Rafti and Lavrio, however, if you don’t mind a slightly further sailing distance, you can travel around to the west coast, where you will find places such as Vouliagmeni and Glyfada which are known for their incredible bars and restaurants. While you could travel into the centre of Greece and explore some of the incredible sights such as the Acropois or the Parthenon, the coast of Athens is also a great place to visit, filled with activities and beaches to explore. With incredible diving sights and crystal-clear waters, it is no wonder that water activities are such a popular part of Athens, and paired with the famous gastronomy, there is no better way to spend the day.

Day 4: Athens –> Kythnos

41NM – 7 hours

A lesser-known island, but not one to miss, Kythnos is a great place to relax after a day in Athens with its chilled-out atmosphere. The beautiful villages on Kythnos offer a peak into living life on the island, while the main town of Messaria offers an authentic and unique experience, with cobblestone alleyways, colourful doors and furniture, and the popular Mrs Floras’ alleyway which is decorated with paintings along the street. While you may choose to spend a day relaxing on one of the many beaches or drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one of the many authentic cafes of the town, if there’s one thing you can’t miss while in Kythnos it is the thermal springs. Located near Loutra, the northern port, the thermal baths are what the island is known for and go to temperatures as high as 52 degrees Celsius.

Day 5: Kythnos –> Milos

35NM – 5 hours and 50 minutes

Milos, sometimes known as Melos, is a popular destination to visit and popular among tourists and locals alike for its beaches. From the secluded cove of Tsigrado to the popular Firiplaka Beach, there is a place for every type of beach lover to enjoy. If you enjoy being active, try hiking through the dormant Volcano of Milos, where you can see the fumaroles on the top of Agia Kyriaki hill, with the volcanic gases escaping into the atmosphere. If you want to learn more about the history of Milos, other than the Volcano you can visit landmarks such as the Ancient Theatre or the Venetian Castle. Another popular way to spend the afternoon is at the popular Mining Museum, where you can learn more about the rich history of mining on the island.

Day 6: Milos –> Naxos

48NM – 8 hours

After the longest leg of the journey, Naxos is a welcome sight and a treasure of the Cyclades. Naxos is known for its beaches, meaning it is the perfect place to spend a day at the beach after your journey. Scattered with many golden stretches of sand, there is a beach for every type of person, from the secluded Orkos, to the family-favourite Agios Georigios. While the beaches are one of the best parts of the island, you can’t miss visiting the mythical Portara of Naxos, conveniently located close to the port it is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The bars and restaurants are also some of the best in Greece, with traditional tavernas selling popular Greek dishes made of local meat and produce.

Day 7: Naxos –> Mykonos

20NM – 3 hours and 20 minutes

Finally, finish your 7-day charter in Mykonos. The island is the perfect place to end your journey, with the area around the port bustling with activity, from the bars and restaurants to the attractions to explore. End your trip with a night out in Mykonos, which is known as one of the best party places in Europe! To learn more about how to spend your day in Mykonos, check out our dayboat route, which takes you around the best places to explore on the island.

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