How to Sail Like the Stars on a Budget

With the beginning of the Cannes film festival commencing this week, it is impressive to see the glamour and luxury of the event, which can inspire you to boat around the city of Cannes. If you want to holiday like the stars and replicate your favourite actors this summer when you next sail, but have a tighter budget, here are 5 tips on what to do. Book with friends to lower costs One o

Best Dishes to Try in Cannes

France is known for its incredible cuisine, and Cannes is no exception. While you can find most traditional French foods in the town, Cannes also has its own speciality dishes that you must try when you rent a boat in Cannes. Bouillabaisse Source: @losandesrestaurantri Although Bouillabaisse is popular all along the French Riviera, particularly in Marseille where it originated, it is al

Cruise from Cannes – 7-day charter itinerary

Weigh anchor and enjoy an unforgettable moment during a cruise on the French Riviera from Cannes. On the agenda: a week of comfort in the most beautiful creeks of the region! How can you resist sailing on the Mediterranean and discovering the area around Cannes? Cannes –> Antibes = 10 nautical miles (MN) Antibes –> Fréjus = 25 NM Fréjus –> Saint-Tropez = 10 MN Saint-Tropez –