A Foodie’s guide to Mediterranean sailing

Sailing in the Mediterranean offers the perfect culinary adventure for food lovers. Whether you are seeking traditional regional cuisine, fresh seafood, or fabulously seasoned grilled dishes, the Mediterranean has a vast array of must-visit restaurants nestled along its picturesque coastline. This article will explore several outstanding restaurants that promise to deliver an unforgettable dining

Best Bars and Restaurants in Mykonos

If you are sailing around Mykonos this summer, then you have to have a meal at one of the many amazing bars and restaurants on the island. With so many luxury and unique restaurants on the island, we have put together some of our favourites below for you to explore. Galleraki Source: @galleraki Of all the cocktail bars in Mykonos, Galleraki is one of the most popular. With views of the i

Popular Wines and Spirits of Sailing Destinations Around the World

Many sailors will agree that a glass of wine by the sea can make a charter that much better. In honour of National Wine Day, we have put together a list of the most well-known wines and spirits for some of SamBoat’s most popular sailing destinations. French Riviera – Kir Source: @zestfulkitchen The French Riviera is one of the most popular sailing destinations, and a great wine cock

5 Reasons to Visit Sorrento

With the summer approaching now is the perfect time to plan your summer holiday. If you want to live your Italian dream, Sorrento is one of the most beautiful locations to choose to visit in Italy, with many locations and opportunities to explore there. If you still need to be convinced here are 5 reasons why you should set off to Sorrento this summer! The delicious cuisine If there is

What to Take on a Picnic at Sea in Sorrento

Whether you want to provision for your trip to save a little money, or you love cooking yourself, having a picnic at sea is a great activity for everyone in the family to enjoy. On your next trip sailing in Sorrento, why not pack a picnic to enjoy at sea, filled with all the best dishes of Sorrento? Caprese Salad Being located close to the island of Capri, it is no wonder the influence

Best Dishes to Try in Cannes

France is known for its incredible cuisine, and Cannes is no exception. While you can find most traditional French foods in the town, Cannes also has its own speciality dishes that you must try when you rent a boat in Cannes. Bouillabaisse Source: @losandesrestaurantri Although Bouillabaisse is popular all along the French Riviera, particularly in Marseille where it originated, it is al

Best Bars and Restaurants on the Coast of Athens

The coast of Athens is home to some of the best and highly revered restaurants and bars in Greece. If you are planning on stopping off on your boat trip to Athens this year, we have compiled a list of 10 restaurants you have to try right on the Athens Riviera. Krabo Source: @krabobeach Despite being only a 15-minute drive from the centre of Athens, Krabo is a beach restaurant located in