Zakynthos dayboat route

Zakynthos is one of the most popular islands in Greece because of its sheer nature and dramatic landscapes. Its beautiful shipwrecked beach with turquoise water creates an incredible picture that often comes up on Instagram feeds and posters. The cliffs surrounding the island are breathtaking, and some adrenaline seekers enjoy base jumping from them making this place even more exciting! With an a

Zakynthos Itinerary: 7 days to explore the island & its surroundings

Do you want to explore Zakynthos and its most beautiful beaches? This seven-day itinerary is ideal for you. Zakynthos is the third-largest island of the Ionian group, it is an exotic island with wonderful scenery and beautiful beaches. Zakynthos is ideal for all types of sailors, especially for beginners. Explore all its secrets and visit beautiful places not far from this huge island by c