Top 5 Set-Jetting Trips Inspired by TV and Film

When we are not sailing we are watching tv, and we can’t help but notice the incredible landscapes and vacations shown are some of our favourite shows and film. If you want to travel to some of your favourite tv and film locations, we have compiled a list of our top 5 places to set-jet this 2023. The White Lotus Despite the first season of The White Lotus showcasing some magnificent view

7 books about sailing that every sailor must read

Once again, the SamBoat team got together to list the best books about sailing and adventures at sea. After many heated debates, we were able to agree on a definitive list of must-read books about sailing. A must-have for any respectable sailor out there! Get your preferred reading spot ready to set sail for an adventure on the high seas.  The long way by Bernard Moitessier Discover th

Top 5 Spanish islands for sailing

Spain has always been a popular travel nation in Europe due to its charming exotic culture and well-known cuisine. Spain also has many islands located in the Mediterranean Sea popular with international tourists every year. Compared with mainland Spain, its islands seem more likely ideal sailing destinations in summer. Now Samboat will bring you into the top 5 Spanish islands for sailing in this

The most dangerous areas for navigation

Have you ever seen images of sailors facing storms in the middle of the ocean? Some sailing areas around the world are known to be very dangerous. On the occasion of great ocean races, experienced captains will venture there and produce incredible images. Certain passages are scary, even for the most knowledgeable sailor. Why are certain areas considered dangerous? Some navigation areas are