The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Sailor in your life

By Kanika from SamBoat - February 10, 2023

Finding the perfect gift for the sailor in your life can be a challenge, especially when they already have a lot of the gear. To help you out for this new year of celebrations, we’ve put together the ultimate guide of gift ideas for sailors of all experience levels, from beginners to advanced sails men. 

Sailing Gift Card

The most obvious gift to get a sailing enthusiast is one of Samboat’s own giftcards. Treat them to a half-day, day or multiple day charter with either a mate, ahoy or captain pass, or customise your gift card to suit your sailors wants. This card means for up to 2 years, your loved one can go anywhere in the world, on any type of boat at any time within the 2 years. 

Budget: £200-£800

Multi-Purpose Pocket Knife

Always handy when doing any outdoor activity, when there’s a problem on your boat, a pocketknife is the tool you need. With a new multi-function pocketknife however, you can also find it doubles as a can opener, hook, scissors, screwdriver, corkscrew, needle and more, ready for any issue you may face on the water. 

Budget: £15-£40


An important but sometimes overlooked item, every sailor needs a good pair of sunglasses, whether navigating around the sunny islands of the Caribbean, or braving the icy fjords of Iceland, a good pair of sunglasses can make all the difference in protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays or the sun’s glare. 

Budget: £40-£120

Waterproof Portable Speaker

It is common for people to forget to bring activities to do when they are on their boat, leaving them with limited entertainment options. A great solution to this problem is a waterproof portable speaker, which can provide entertainment both when docked up or while sailing. 

Budget: £30-£80

Subscription to a Sailing Magazine

While preparing for their trip, there is no better place to get advice than the professionals. An easy gift to give is a subscription to a popular sailing magazine, which can be customised to suit your budget based on how many months you want to gift. Some of our favourite magazines include Cruising World and Sail Magazine

Budget: Around £30 for the year


For the bookworm who loves to be at sea, a Kindle is a great gift to give as it saves space while packing and can entertain them while onboard. If you are looking for any inspiration for any books to download on your kindle, check out these 7 books about sailing we recommend

Budget: £100


For the more advanced sailor in your life, a hammock can make a great gift. These can be a lifesaver while at sea, and once docked up, being a great way to relax in the sun, or get some much-needed sleep. Not only this, but they are a great way to prevent sea sickness while at sea. 

Budget: £15-£100

GPS Device

As a slightly more expensive gift, it is vital that when sailing the boat is kitted out with a great navigation system. Even if the boat has one built in, it is always safer to have a handheld device as a backup or secondary system, so you don’t become lost as sea. When looking for the perfect GPS for your boater, it is important to do the proper research, including looking at how the device charges, and what form it takes. 

Budget: £140-£200

Fishing Equipment

One of the best activities to try while sailing is the sport of fishing. Whether new to fishing or an experienced angler, you can’t go wrong with gifting a new fishing pole or other fishing gear. The vast array of marine life ensures an abundance of different fish to catch, making this sport is a great one for any type of sailor. 

Budget: £30-£70


For some boaters, there is no point even going out at sea if there are no good pictures. Luckily, with the invention of the Drone, some incredible videos and photos can be taken at sea with little photography skill needed. This is obviously a more expensive option, and if you like the idea but would prefer something a little bit cheaper, a go-pro or a good waterproof video camera is also a good way to go.  

Budget: £100-£350

Vouchers for Excursions

If your loved one has already planned their trip out, it may be better to focus on what you can get them to do once they are docked up instead of while onboard. This is a great gift if you want to be very personal, as you can show off your knowledge of what they like, booking them a great winery excursion, an art class, or a kayaking tour just to name a few examples. 

Budget: Depends on the excursion

Alcohol from their favourite destination

For the sailor who likes the finer things in life, gifting them a bottle of wine or spirit from their favourite destination is a thoughtful way to show that you listen. If your loved one has raved about their month sailing around the Mediterranean, or their Cancun yacht charter, a popular wine or a bottle of tequila from that region shows that you were listening. 

Budget: £20<

With these gift options, we hope we have provided you with the inspiration you need for the perfect gift for the sailor in your life, and remember that the most important thing is to show how much you care for them by choosing thoughtfully or personalising the gift for them.

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