Top 5 activities you should try on a motorboat

By Kanika from SamBoat - February 11, 2022

There are many water sport activities you should try on a motorboat. Depending on the type of boat you rent, you can try different activities. Samboat offers you a selection of the best ones.

1/ Fishing 

Fishing is a traditional activity that brings people together and makes relationships stronger. It can be practiced directly from the boat and allows you to locate the best fishing spots with dense fish populations. Additionally, renting a motorboat is an ideal solution for fishing because you can stop wherever you want and relax while waiting for your catch to take the bait. Fishing is regulated, so before you leave you should find out which fishing areas are allowed and what the local quotas are. We invite you to adopt sustainable fishing, fish only what you need to eat and to give back to the ocean what you are not going to eat. Concerning the fishing regulations, some areas are protected and you must respect the minimum fishing sizes. Check ou some of the best fishing destinations in Europe!

Fishing can be done from any type of boat. You can rent the boat of your choice and bring your fishing rods. The choice of the boat will depend on the navigation area and the type of fishing you wish to practice. 

2/ Scuba diving or snorkeling 

Snorkeling is accessible to all and is practiced with a mask and a snorkel in transparent waters. All you have to do is to get equipped, jump out of the boat and swim to admire the sea life. Depending on the destination you are in, it is a very good way to observe the marine flora and fauna. Check out the 5 best places to discover Mediterranean sea life if you are looking for a destination to go snorkelling. Be careful though, out of respect for the environment it is forbidden to pick up natural elements or touch the animals. You can disturb an entire ecosystem.

If you are an avid scuba diver, you know that it is often necessary to rent a boat to reach the most beautiful diving spots. Diving is a sport accessible to everyone and should be practiced with caution. If you are an experienced diver you can rent a boat with SamBoat and explore the most beautiful sea floors. 

To practice diving or snorkeling we recommend you to rent a semi-rigid boat. The advantage of this type of boat is that they are very close to the water, so you can dive easily from the boat. Moreover, it will be even easier to get back inside the boat. These boats are perfect for a day trip and can carry all your equipment with you.

3/ Wakeboarding or water skiing 

For those who love water sports, you can practice wakeboarding or water skiing. These towed activities can be practiced on a lake as well as on the open sea. The concept is simple: Slide on the water behind the boat while playing with the waves created by the motor. Generally people manage to get up after the 2nd or 3rd try, so it is an ideal activity to enjoy with friends or family. 

To practice Wakeboarding we recommend renting an inboard boat, because their propulsion system allows them to create a consistent wake to practice sliding sports. Thanks to the waves created at the back of the boat, you will be able to perform your first tricks. The main advantage of this motorization is that the traction hoist cannot wrap around your propeller.

4/ The towed buoy 

The towed buoy is the activity that will suit all your family members or your friends. You can adapt the speed of the boat to the desired sensations and all you have to do is hold on to the buoy. 

You can rent any type of boat to have fun on a towed buoy. However, we recommend that you rent an inboard or RIB boat. This is the easiest way to get people in the water and also the most maneuverable.

5/ Relax 

Take advantage of a trip to the sea to sunbathe, rest and enjoy good food with your friends or family. By renting a motorboat, you can explore heavenly beaches and dock for a while to enjoy the surroundings.  

For cruising and relaxing we recommend renting an outboard boat or yacht. These boats are more spacious and comfortable. It is not uncommon for some to be equipped with a picnic table. Moreover, if you are going with children, this is the ideal boat from a safety point of view since children cannot get off the boat by themselves. 

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